Wednesday – St Martin de Porres

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Year 3 Maths

L.O: To explore multiplication strategies.

In this lesson you will explore whether the product changes if different multiplication strategies are used.

Looking at multiplication strategies and the effect on the product (

Year 3 English

L.O: To use inverted commas for direct speech.

Today, we will be learning how to use inverted commas to show direct speech in a piece of writing.


Please log into Oxford Owl and complete the unit ‘Spell the Vowel – igh sound (igh, i-e, ie, i, y)

Pupil Home (

Guided Reading

Today, we want you to listen to chapter 7 of Alice in Wonderland.

Please look at the document for your Guided Reading activity.


LO: To begin to create different effects using shading and colouring  

Watch the video and practise how to draw a red pepper using tone with coloured pencils. In this step-by-step tutorial, it will teach you how to use coloured pencils to create the drawing of a red pepper and add shading. You will need to pause the video to draw the pepper first, then pause at any time to give you more time to practise. We would love to see your work, so remember to send it to us.

Draw with colour pencils part 2 – YouTube

You will need- Paper, a pencil, colouring crayons, rubber and a sharpener.  

Year 3 RE

L.O: To reflect on the miracles of Jesus.

Jesus met many people who needed his help. Think about the miracle of the healing of the paralysed man. 


Create posters and advertisements about the qualities of Jesus and his words and 


Challenge Questions:

How do you think the crowd felt when Jesus healed the man? How did the man feel?