Wednesday St Bernadette Class

Wednesday 7th July 2021

Good morning everyone, I look forward to seeing you at 9.30am for maths and 10.45am for English. Below are the lessons for today.


LO: To read and draw quarter past and quarter to.

As with yesterday, please complete the activity below which involves reading the time and drawing the time. If you have a printer you may wish to print the sheet and write the answers on and draw the hands onto the clocks. If you don’t have a printer you can can just write the answers for reading the time and draw your own clocks for the drawing the time activity. Remember to ensure your minute and hour hands are not the same size.



There is a link below to a game on TopMarks if you would like to practise making the time. Focus on analogue time (the clock face) not digital.


LO: To describe a character.

Today you will write a character description about Sunny. We have just learned about character descriptions at school so you should know what to include. You can include what Sunny looks like, what he likes and doesn’t like, where he likes to go etc. Remember to use adjectives and you can include similes too. I have written an example though to show you and I will talk you through it on Teams tomorrow.


There are links below to music lessons. They are only short so I have included two.


I have also included a link to our favourite Zumba routine!