Thursday St Bernadette Class

Thursday 8th July 2021

Good morning everyone. Below you will find the lessons for today. Join me on Teams at 9.30am for maths and 10.45am for English if you can. If you cannot join Teams, please do the work below and if you want to send it in to me, I would love to see it.



In English today you will have a go at writing an alternative ending to the Meerkat Mail story.

I have included the clip below but will read the story in the lesson again and we can discuss some alternative endings and some other places that Sunny might like to visit.

Guided reading

Have a go at the below guided reading activities if you’d like to. They are only short so there are two of them.


The below activity is revision of some of the things we have learned about plants over the last few weeks. For the draw the line activities, you can just write the answers down so don’t worry if you don’t have a printer.