Friday St Faustina Class

Today is our last day of remote learning. We are very much looking forward to seeing you all next week.

Friday 5th March 2021


LO To use the language of position, direction and movement.

To use the language of position, direction and movement (Part 2) (

 Today is the last day of Maths remote learning.  If you want you can do the task suggested in the video or create your own instructions for your own feet to get from the start to the finish.  Or give an adult or a sibling in your house instructions to get from the front door to the kitchen.

Please don’t feel you have to record today’s Maths session, your child has worked extremely hard these last few weeks!


LO: To use the correct punctuation for different sentence types

Grammar lesson: Question marks, full stops or exclamation marks.

We will go through a Power Point presentation together during your live session.

t2-e-443-using-a-full-stop-question-mark-or-exclamation-mark-to-punctuate-a-sentence-spag-power_ver_2 Download

Writing activity:

Punctuate these given sentences correctly according to what type of sentence they are.


How are cities and villages different to live in? (


Have a go at completing some of the activities below.  Do as many as you can manage.