Friday St Faustina Class

26th March



Todays sound is ‘air’ that’s not fair.

Words to spell: fair, hair, stairs

Recap sound word: snow

Sentence: The fair is on the grass by the pond.


Following on from Palm Sunday, we heard the story of ‘The Last Supper’

In school we act out the story, we will pretend to be disciples and Jesus. We have our very own last supper.

Act out this with your family, pretend to be Jesus – wash the disciples feet, bless the bread and break the bread to share it round, then bless the wine and drink it(black current squash of course)

The Story of Easter (The Last Supper) – YouTube

St Joseph Art Competition

We are creating artwork in school for a competition. If you would like to enter please follow these instructions on the webpage link. Bring the artwork back to school on your return.

– Vocations Competition for Schools | Birmingham Vocations