Welcome to St Bernadette’s Class Page.  Mrs Churchill is the Class Teacher and Miss Nurse is the Teaching Assistant.

We have a new class email for sending work to.  The new email is stbernadette@stm.lourdesmac.org.uk.  Please do continue to send in any work that your child does and it will appear on the class page.

Calling all children aged 4-11 years – sign up to the ‘Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge 2020!’ 

The annual Summer Reading Challenge for children aged 4-11 years is being delivered online this year and offers a perfect solution for a summer term project that supports reading and literacy and helps promote reading for pleasure. This year’s challenge launched nationally on Friday 5th June. The theme is Silly Squad with a focus on the enjoyment of reading for pleasure; children are encouraged to read anything that makes them happy and can register for the challenge here – https://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk/ 

Week beginning 29.6.20

Super way to start the week sharing Olivier’s work.  He has been busy, well done!



Practising spellings and writing questions…



Measuring mass in grams…



Learning about Mary Seacole…



Discuss the importance of listening. When people gather together for celebrations they tell stories. At Mass we listen to and tell Gods story. Think about previous Bible stories containing God. 

I would like you to write about your favourite story from the old Testament and why you like it. Who listened to God?

Tuesday 30th June

Thank you Antoni, what fantastic work. I especially like the drawing of Simba!


Write your own counting poem…



Measuring mass in kilograms…



Geography: The seasons…


Wednesday 1st July

Zofia, it is great to see all the fun you have been having learning new skills and working hard.  Thank you for the photos.


Please complete the Yr 2 ‘grammar mat’ below…

Mat 1 (1)


Measuring capacity and volume…



Week beginning 22.6.20



Using verbs…


  • Maths:

Measuring length and height…



We are currently in June which is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We think and pray especially this month on Jesus’ love and sacrifice for us all. We try to grow in compassion and love for each other. Please use this website to choose and make a craft for the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

Learn about Florence Nightingale…

Tuesday 23rd June


Reading comprehension…



Comparing length and height…



Geography: Cities, towns and villages…


Wednesday 24rd June

National Writing Day Challenge…
Solving problems involving legth and height…
Science: What is sound?…

Thank you Nitin for sharing some of your super work.

Zofia you have been busy as well, thank you for sending in what you have been doing. 


Thursday 25th June


Please practise forming your cursive letters. Perhaps you can write some sentences about your week using your best handwriting. There is a poster below to remind you how to form the letters…


Comparing Mass:
DT: Food and Nutrition…

Friday 26th June


Finding information in a text…



Weekly maths challenges…
French: Food and drink…

Week beginning 15th June 2020

Monday 15th June

English: please click the link below to complete an activity about word endings.


Maths: this week we are going to look at statistics.  Please complete the activity below on interpreting pictograms.  There are two per difficulty level, 1 star being the easiest and three the hardest.  Choose which level you can do, you do not need to do them all.  There are problem solving challenge questions at the end.

Year 2 – WORKSHEET – Interpret pictograms (1-1)

DT: click the link below for a lesson on sculpture.


RE from Mr Blewitt:

This Sunday is the feast of Corpus Christi, which means ‘The Body of Christ’ in Latin. This is the feast day when we think very carefully about the mystery of the Eucharist and what the Real Presence of Jesus means for us. 
Please read today’s Gospel reading together as a family in a Bible at John 6:51-58. If you do not have a Bible at home, please use this link:
We would like you to make a Holy Eucharist craft together as a family this week, see the website below for details. When you have finished, please email a picture of it to your class teachers.

Tuesday 16th June

English: please click the link below to complete an activity about contracted words.


Maths: please click the link below for today’s statistics lesson.  Remember to look at the stars and complete the ones that challenge you.  There are also challenge questions at the end.

Year 2 – WORKSHEETS – Draw pictograms (1-1)

History: please click the link below to learn all about William Shakespeare.


Thank you to Zofia for sending me some more pictures of your work from home.

Zofia’s work

Wednesday 17th June

English: click on the link below to practise writing using the four different sentence types.  Can you remember what they are?


Maths: click the link below for today’s lesson on making tally charts.

Year 2 – WORKSHEETS – Make tally charts

Geography: click the link below for a lesson about Antarctica.


Thursday 18th June

English: click the link below to complete an activity about diary writing.


Maths: click the link below for today’s lesson on block diagrams.

Year 2 – WORKSHEETS – Block diagrams

Science: click the link below for a lesson on parts of the body and senses.


Friday 19th June

English: click on the link below to complete an activity about identifying errors in writing and making corrections.  You do this at school with your purple pens.


Maths: today I would like you to collect your own data and create either a tally chart, pictogram or block diagram.  Think  about the things you need to include.  You can collect your data by asking members of your family questions, e.g. favourite colour, favourite pet, favourite food.  If you do not have many people to ask you can make the data up.

Art and Design: click the link below to learn how to make repeating patterns.


Some more work sent in by Zofia.  It’s lovely to see you are finding your own work to do too, not just the work I set.  Keep up the hard work!

Zofia’s creations

Week beginning 8th June 2020

Monday 8th June

English: please click the link below to view a powerpoint about acrostic poems.  Then write your own acrostic poem about a subject of your choice.

Acrostic poem powerpoint Monday 8th June English

Maths: this week we are going to look at some different maths investigations.  A different investigation will be posted each day.  When you have finished why not go on to Timestables Rockstars and practise your timestables or play some maths games on Top Marks (www.topmarks.co.uk).

Monday 8th June maths investigation

History: click the link below to learn about the work of Elizabeth Fry.


RE from Mr Blewitt: This Sunday was the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity. On this day, we reflect upon the mystery of God being three persons – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. To help our children try to understand this mystery, we have some crafting activities for you all to do at home as a family. Before completing these activities, read the Gospel from this Sunday – John 3:16-18. You can do this either using your own Bible at home or via this link: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=john+3&version=NIV

Below are some craft ideas.

Thank you Zofia for sending me some more photos of your work.
Zofia’s excellent work at home

Tuesday 9th June

English: please click the link below to today’s work on poetry.

English Tuesday 9th June

Maths: please click the link below for today’s maths investigation.

Tuesday 9th June maths investigation

Geography: please click the link below to learn about San Francisco in North America.


Thank you Karina for sending me a photo of the Nativity scene that you made from Lego, it is fantastic.

Karina’s Lego model

Wednesday 10th June

English: please click the link below to write a poem about school.  Choose something about school that you love or miss, it might be your favourite subject, your teachers, something about the school day, it is up to you, just remember to follow the structure of a poem and add rhyming words.

English Wednesday 10th June

Maths: click the link below to complete your next maths investigation.  Remember to also have a look at the games on TopMarks and Timestables Rockstars when you are finished.

Wednesday 10th June maths investigation

Science: click the link below to complete a science lesson on squashing, twisting, bending and stretching materials.


Thank you to Ksavery for sending me some photos of the things you have been doing at home.  It looks like you have been working very hard and had a lovely sunny trip to the beach.

Ksavery’s work from home

Thursday 11th June

English: click the link below for another poetry activity.   

Thursday 11th June English

Maths: click the link below for today’s maths investigation.

Thursday 11th June maths investigation

Science: click the link below to learn about basic forces.


Friday 12th June

English: click the link below to find a planning sheet to help you to write a poem about the seaside.  Think of as many rhyming words as you can and then write your own poem.  Thank you to those of you who have sent me your poems to read this week.


Maths: click the link below for the last maths investigation of the week.

Friday 12th June maths investigation

Spanish: for something different,  I thought you might like to have a go at learning some Spanish today.


Week beginning 1st June 2020

I hope you have had a lovely half term.  Below are the lessons for this week.

Monday 1st June

English – please click on the link below to complete activities about days of the week and verbs.  Remember to spell the days of the week correctly.


Maths – as you learnt about time previously, please complete the end of unit assessment below to see how much you have remembered.

Year-2-Time end of unit assessment

Topic – for the rest of this term, please continue to complete some of the activities from the topic grid.

Our Local Area topic grid (1)

RE from Mr Blewitt

This Sunday was the feast of Pentecost – the day Christians all around the world celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples, ten days after Jesus ascended into heaven. It is the ‘birthday of the Church’ as this was the moment that Jesus’ followers were sent out into the world to go and spread His good news. To help your children understand and celebrate this feast day, please have a go with your children at the activities on the website below (don’t worry about having the specific arts and crafts items that the website recommends – you can make them just using paper, pens and scissors). Keep sending your teachers lots of photos of you enjoying making these crafts.
Read Acts 2: 1-12 together as a family before completing these activities. If you don’t have a Bible at home, use this website: https://www.bible.com/en-GB/bible/111/ACT.2.NIV

Tuesday 2nd June

English: click the link below to complete some writing activities about rainbows.

Tuesday 2nd June English

Maths: click the link below to complete a division by sharing activity.  There is a challenge activity underneath if you want to have a go at that too.  Remember when completing reasoning questions you must give a full explanation to demonstrate your understanding.


Tues 2nd maths challenge

Thank you Zofia for sending me some photos of all the things you have  been doing, it’s so lovely to see you’re working hard and having fun enjoying the sunshine.

Zofia’s adventures

Wednesday 3rd June

English – click the link below to complete a non-fiction writing activity.

English Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Maths – click on the link below to complete a lesson on division by grouping.  There is a challenge activity underneath.


Maths challenge Wednesday 3rd June

Science – click the link below to complete a science lesson about habitats around the world.


Thursday 4th June

English: click the link below for today’s writing activity.

English Thursday 4th June 2020

Maths: please click the link below to complete some activities about odd and even numbers.  There is a challenge question underneath.


Thursday 4th June maths challenge

French: although we don’t learn a language until KS2, I thought you might like to have a go at learning some French today.  Click the link below.


Thank you to Olivier for sending in some of the work you have been doing.  I bet you are very good at telling the time now.

Some of Olivier’s work from home

Friday 5th June

English: click the link below for today’s writing activities.  There is a creative activity to finish.

English Friday 5th June

Maths: click the link below to complete some division word problems.  You don’t need to do all three sets, set A is the easiest as there are images to help you.  If you don’t need them do set B or C.

31955-year-2-division-word-problems Friday 5th June

Geography: click the link below to learn about South America.


Thank you to Oliver for sending me some photos of the things you have been doing over the last few weeks.  You have certainly been very busy.

Some of the things Oliver has been doing


Work will be set for the children daily.  This will include as a minimum, one piece of maths and English work to complete.  As always, you have access to Bug Club books and Times tables rock stars.  

To get you started, below is a link to KS1 SATs papers from previous years which you can download and work through with your children.


Some other useful links for home learning include:

https://www.twinkl.co.uk/search?term=school+closure     Twinkl is offering free resources for parents.






https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=sharpspring&sslid=MzcwMTKxMDQzMDK1BAA&sseid=MzIwMjU2tTA2tgQA&jobid=1c32a879-a500-433c-b41a-efec5108e7f0      White Rose is the maths scheme we follow so I strongly recommend you look at this.  We are still to cover fractions, time, shape, measurement and position and direction.






It is important to have at least half an hour exercise at home.  Click the link below and join the body coach Monday-Friday 9am!


BBC Smart Movers also have short dances, linked to curriculum subjects, that we use at school and the children really enjoy.



We have been provided with a link to Collins big cat books that you may wish to use alongside Bug Club.  It gives you access to a large volume of e-books that are all book banded.  Key stage 1 and progress books (for SEND) are available to access.  The scheme is currently being offered for free during the school closure.


Please click onto the TEACHER sign in with the following details:

Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk

Password: Parents20!

Below is a link to some free e-books from Oxford Owl.  They also have information about English and maths for your child’s year group, what they will learn at school and how you can support them at home which is very useful.


We now have an email address that can be used to send work in.  We are now able to reply to the emails but please still contact the school office with any questions/queries relating to general school matters.  Please keep in touch and send me some photos or upload some of the work you have been doing at home, whether that be school work, drawings, something you have made or a new skill you have learnt, I’d love to see what you have been up to.  Please note, some of the work sent to this email address will be uploaded onto the class web page.
The email address is stbernadette@st-thomasmore.worcs.sch.uk

Half term 25th-31st May 2020

As it is half term there will be no specific work set.  However, we have created a holiday activity grid like we did at Easter (click link below).  You can complete as many activities as you wish over the half term.  Have a lovely half term break and a good rest.  

Half term activity grid

Please be aware that from 4pm on Friday 22nd May  until Monday 25th May our school is having work on our IT system.  Any emails that are sent during this time might not be received until Tuesday 26th May, while this work is happening.  This is happening across ALL the MAC schools.  

Week beginning 18th May 2020

Thank you to Eva.J for sending me some of your work, another very busy member of the class I see!

Eva’s excellent work

Monday 18th May

English – please click on the link below to complete an activity on homophones.  Remember, we have these up in the classroom, words that sound the same but have a different spelling and meaning, e.g. their/there, whole/hole, poor/pour.


Maths – this week we are going to look at telling the time.  It would be useful if you have a watch or clock you can use.  We learn analogue time in Year 2 not digital, however  if your child is confident during the week feel free to explain the link between the two, e.g. 2 o’clock in the afternoon is 14:00 on a digital clock.  Click the link below to complete the activities.  The final page has some challenge questions.

Year 2 – WORKSHEETS – O’clock and half past

RE – Mr Blewitt has set another whole school RE task.   He says “As we are in the month of May, which is dedicated to Our Lady, this week we are asking you to make a shoe box shrine. Please have a go at making your own shrine as a family at home. You can fill your shoe box with a picture or statue of Our Lady, flowers, rosary beads and anything else which reminds you of her – be as creative as you like! We look forward to seeing your creations soon.”

Thank you for sending me your time work Zofia and thank you Nitin for sending me some of the maths work you have been doing.

Zofia’s fantastic time work

Links to Nitin’s great maths work

Nitin work 1 Nitin work 2 Nitin work 3 Nitin work 4 Nitin work 5 Nitin work 6

Tuesday 19th May

English – for the next few days I want you to think about planning a fantasy story.   In the links below you will find a fantasy story word mat, a fantasy story writing checklist and a character description.  For today’s lesson you will need to choose your main character and write a character description using the template below. 

Character Description – Option 5 



Maths – today the focus will be on quarter past and quarter to.  Please complete the activities below.

Year 2 – WORKSHEETS – Quarter past and quarter to

Art – click on the link below to access an art lesson.


Thank you Antoni for sending me some of your work from home.  I can see you are working very hard.

Antoni’s great work from home

Wednesday 20th May

English – today you are going to plan the setting for your fantasy story.  There isn’t much writing to do today as it is a plan.  Look at the powerpoint below, you may want to use one of these settings or choose a different one.  There are also some adjectives to describe settings.  Draw a picture of where your story will be set, write adjectives to describe your setting.  Can you include similes too?  Think about what you want the reader to imagine, what would they smell, hear, see, touch in your setting?



Maths – continuing with learning about the time, please complete the activity below.  

Year 2 – WORKSHEETS – Reading the time to 5 minutes

History – click on the link below to learn about Rosa Parks.


Thank you Zofia  and Olivier for sending me some of your time work.

Zofia’s excellent time work

Olivier’s fabulous time work

Thursday 21st May

English – ready for writing your fantasy story tomorrow, I want you to create your plan using the template below.  Remember to include your opening, build up, problem, resolution and ending.  We have done these planning sheets lots of times at school.  You don’t have to include every detail as that goes into the story, this is just your plan so your ideas are ready for Friday.


Maths – complete the activity below, this time drawing intervals of time.  Intervals of 5 minutes are the hardest to learn so please don’t worry if this is tricky.

Year 2 – WORKSHEETS – Drawing the time to 5 minutes

Friday 22nd May

English – today I would like you to write your fantasy story.  You should have chosen your character and your setting and planned your story.  Remember to include lots of lovely adjectives and similes and use correct punctuation.  You can email them in to me so I can read them over the holiday.

Maths – please complete the two activities below.  They are reasoning and problem solving questions so are a bit more challenging but just do your best.

Friday maths compare durations of time 

Friday maths Time Durations Activity Cards

Computing – click the link below to learn more about how games are made. I know lots of you will find this lesson really interesting!


Week beginning 11th May 2020

Thank you to Zofia, Szymon, Antoni and Joshua for sending me some of your work last week.  It is lovely to see how much you are doing and it really makes me smile to get emails from you.

Antoni’s work and lovely drawings

Joshua’s excellent elf story
Szymon’s amazing work
Zofia’s fantastic work
Below you will find a link to the latest challenges from School Games, a link to a Funetics at home learning pack and a link to some tennis activities (this can be submitted as part of a competition but is also just a fun thing to do at home).  All of these can be used for physical activity at home.

KS1 School Games Activities



Monday 11th May

English – click on the link below to complete a reading and writing activity about the story Funny Bones.


Maths -click on the link below to complete the lesson on part whole relationships and fact families.  This should be a recap of previous work so you should be able to work independently.  If you complete that, have a go at the challenges on the second link.



Computing – below is a link to the Raspberry Pi website, which has coding resources that you can use at home.


RE – as we are still in the season of Easter, we would like your children to make Easter gardens this week.  You can use any resources from around the home and be as creative as you like – just make sure that they have a religious theme.  Unfortunately, we are not in school to celebrate your amazing work together at the moment but please send in a picture of your creations to your teacher’s email address.  Please work together as a family on this if you can – you can submit one per family, or individual ones for siblings if the children would prefer.   I look forward to seeing the pictures of your amazing creations!

Thank you to Olivier for sending me some of your work today, I can see you are working as hard as always at home.

A selection of Olivier’s excellent work

Tuesday 12th May

English – click the link  below and complete the activity about using commas in a list.


Maths -click the link below and complete the activities involving adding and subtracting 2 digit and 1 digit numbers.  Once this is complete, click the second link for some reasoning and problem solving questions.  If you are very confident with addition and subtraction you may wish to go straight to the reasoning and problem solving questions.  There are quite a few so don’t feel you have to do them all.


Yr 2 – Addition and subtraction reasoning and problem solving

History – click on the link below if you would like to learn about the life of Emmeline Pankhurst.


Reading – please see an additional link added to useful links at the top of the page, to access e-books online.

Thank you to Karina and Ksavery for sending me some of your completed work, keep up the great work!

Karina’s excellent work

Ksavery’s fantastic work

Thank you so much to Joshua and Abigail for sending me pictures of your Easter garden, depicting the tomb of Jesus, that you designed and made yourselves.  Well done to both of you.

Wednesday 13th May

Click on the link below to hear a message for you all from me

A message for St Bernadette Class

English -click the link below and practise writing using coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.  Can you remember which is which?  Why not research their meanings and explain to your grown ups. 


Maths – click on the link below and complete the activities about adding two digit numbers.  As with yesterdays lesson, if you want more of a challenge complete some of the problem solving and reasoning questions.  


Yr 2 – Addition and subtraction reasoning and problem solving

Reading – below is a link to some free e-books from Oxford Owl.  They also have information about English and maths for your child’s year group, what they will learn at school and how you can support them at home which is very useful.


Thursday 14th May

English – please click on the link below to complete an activity about using exclamation marks in your writing.


Maths – please click the link below to complete an activity about subtracting two digit numbers.  Once this is completed, why not try the greater depth questions in the second link.  


Greater depth extension questions

Science – click the link below to complete a fun activity about animal groups.


Thank you Zofia for sending me some more of your work.  You are definitely keeping busy whilst you are at home.

Zofia’s excellent work

Friday 15th May

English – please click the link below to complete today’s English tasks.  There is a reading comprehension, grammar and spelling activity.

Friday 15th English

Maths – please click the link below to complete today’s maths activities.  Remember to use the inverse operation for the second activity and to record it underneath.

Friday 15th Maths

Week beginning 4th May 2020

Monday 4th May 

English – please click on the link below and practise spelling and writing  the Year 2 common exception words.  You will also write some sentences using those words.  If you finish this, can you write a short story and when you are finished count how many common exception words you have used, I think you’ll be surprised how many we use every day when we are talking and writing.


Maths – click the link below to find a home learning booklet which will test what you can remember about multiplication and division.  Complete as much as you can,  some questions are trickier than others.


Remember we now have an email address (see post above) which you can send work to to show me what fantastic learning you have been doing at home.  I would love for you to use it and keep in touch until we can all be safely together again. 

Thank you to Antoni for sending me some photos of the work you completed on Monday.  Keep up the great work!

Tuesday 5th May

English – please click the link below to complete some Talk for Writing activities.  We will do activities  based on this story for the rest of the week.

Elves and the Shoemaker – Tuesday English

Maths – please complete the maths mystery activity booklet below.

Tuesday maths

Reading – below is a link to some activities from the Literacy Shed.  There are a few so you could do one or two every day for the rest of the week.

A Cloudy Lesson KS1 Activity Pack

Thank you so much to Zofia and Julia for sending me some work to look at.  I am so proud of how hard you are working at home. 

Julia’s fantastic maths

Julia's maths

Some of Zofia’s wonderful work

Wednesday 6th May

English – please complete the activity below, based on yesterday’s story.

Wednesday English 6th May

Maths – click on the link below and choose which activity you want to do out of lesson 1, 2 or 3.  Or you can do all three!  Remember to watch the video first then complete the activity.


Thursday 7th May

English – please click on the link below and complete the last of the activities linked to the story the Elves and the Shoemaker.

Thursday English 7th May

Maths – please click on the link  below and complete lesson 4.


Friday 8th May – VE day bank holiday

As today is VE day and you wouldn’t be at school as it is a bank holiday, I haven’t set any English or maths work.  However, below you will find links to some activities that you may still wish to do at home.  There is a powerpoint so you can learn about VE day, some reading comprehension, a wartime recipe book if you want to try out some recipes with your family, a colouring picture, a  word search and a flag that you can print off and make handheld flags.  If you celebrate VE day with your family, send me some pictures of your celebrations or the work you complete.  Have fun!

KS1 VE Day PowerPoint


Wartime Recipe Booklet

VE Day Word Search

VE Day Colouring Page

Union Flag Handheld Flags

Week  beginning 27th April 2020

Monday 27th April

English – please click on the link below.  This lesson is from BBC bitesize, who have created lessons for all year groups, being used by lots of schools all over the country.  Work through as many of the activities as you can.


Maths – using resources provided by White Rose, the maths scheme we follow in school, we will look at a new unit of work this week on measurement.  Please click on the link below and access lesson 1-compare lengths.


Tuesday 28th April

English – please click on the link below to complete some activities about question marks.  This should recap your knowledge of question marks and when to use them.


Maths – as on Monday, please click on the link below and access the White Rose lesson two-order lengths.  Watch the video then complete the activity.


Don’t forget to look at the topic grid that was uploaded last week too.  Try to complete a few of these activities each week.

Wednesday 29th April

English – please click on the link below and complete the activities about adjectives.


Maths – please click on lesson 3-four operations with lengths.  This will recap your knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division but using length.  When you have finished you could go around your house measuring different objects.  Why not estimate their length first, measure them and then compare your answers to see how close you where.  Can you get more correct guesses than someone in your family?


Geography – I have included a link below to a Geography activity about the countries of the UK and their capital cities.  We have done this in school but it was a while ago so this should  be a lovely recap to see how much you have remembered.


Thursday 30th April

English – please click on the link and complete the activities below.


Maths – please click on the link below and complete lesson 4 -problem solving.  Please also remember to log into times tables rock stars to practise your times tables.  I know lots of you have and some of you now know all of them which is fantastic.


Reading – bug club books are always available but I have also included a link to two lessons about making inferences.  You can do both on Thursday or one on Thursday and one on Friday.


Some of you may have heard of Captain Tom Moore, who has raised an incredible amount of money for the NHS by walking in his garden.  Cpt Moore is 100 years old on the 30th April so I have uploaded some information and an activity to complete about him.

Captain Tom Moore Resource – April 2020 

Picture News Special Resource – Captain Tom Moore 2020

Friday 1st May

Jump Rope UK have launched a lock-down challenge – free access.
They also have a “shop” on their website and any profits from purchases are being donated to the NHS.
Redditch School Games have launched a bingo game that you can use to take part in physical activities.  Can you complete them all for a full house?
Click on the link below.
English – please click the link below to complete activities based on the book ‘Daisy and the Trouble  with Life’.
Maths -complete the activity below to recap your knowledge of money.
Music – why not have a look at the link below and have some fun practising your singing.

Week beginning 20th April 2020

Welcome back to a new term.   I hope you all had a restful Easter break and the children are ready to carry on learning at home until it is safe to return back to school.  Below are the activities for this week.  There will be a daily English and maths activity to complete and the KS1 teachers have put together a grid of foundation subject activities linked to our Summer topic ‘Our Local Area’.  These can be spread over the next few weeks so please do not feel they have to be done all at once.  There are a range of activities so hopefully all of the children will find the activities enjoyable.  Please remember there are lots of things they can be doing at home too that enhance their learning and provide valuable life skills, such as cooking, helping around the home, gardening, playing board games, going on nature walks, to name just a few.

Monday 20th April

English – Read the e-book below, The Little Red Hen.  Write a letter as the hen, to one of the characters in the book.  Explain to them how their behaviour made you feel and why they should have acted differently.  Think about the features of a letter and what it must contain.

The Little Red Hen eBook

Maths – Children to record the properties of the 2D shapes.  They do not have to cut them out if you don’t have a printer, they can just draw them and describe their properties.  Check your child knows the names of the shapes.  A reminder that a vertex is where two straight lines meet (so a shape with more than one vertex would have vertices).  I have also uploaded some White Rose reasoning and problem solving questions about shape.  These are more challenging but encourage your child to have a go at some of them.  There are quite a few so they don’t need to do them all unless they want to.

2D Shape Properties Activity Sheet

Yr 2 – Spring Block 3 – Properties of shape

Topic – complete some of the activities in the topic grid over the next half term.  Some may take longer than others so could be spread across a number of days.

Our Local Area topic grid (1)

Tuesday 21st April

English – complete the  Talk for Writing activity below.  There will be more activities based on this story for the rest of the week.

Tuesday English

Maths – play the 3D shape game below, there are other 3d shape games available too if your child wants extra practise.  Then complete the properties of 3d shapes worksheet. It would be useful if you had any objects around the home that could be used to demonstrate what 3D shapes look like, e.g. a ball, a cereal box, a toblerone tube, an oxo cube box.  Don’t worry if you don’t have anything but please explain to your child that they need to count all of the faces, vertices and edges, even the ones they cannot see.

3D Shapes Properties Table Activity Sheet


Wednesday 22nd April

English – please complete the activity below.

Wednesday English

Maths – please watch the BBC bitesize clip below about symmetry.  Then complete the symmetry activity.  You may need to draw the shapes carefully if you cannot print the sheet out. 

Wednesday maths – lines of symmetry


Earth Day – 22nd April is Earth day.  To help you to learn more about it there are reading comprehension papers with questions to complete below.  They are differentiated, 1 star at the bottom of the page is the easiest and 3 stars is the hardest.

Earth day comprehension 2020

Thursday 23rd April

English – please complete some/all of the activities below.

Thursday English

Maths – please complete the maths activities below.  There are a few to choose from so you can do them all or pick a few.  These are all areas of the curriculum that we have already covered so the children should be able to access these independently.

Thursday maths

Friday 24th April

English – please complete the final activities from our Talk for Writing booklet.

Friday English

Maths – please complete the maths investigation booklet below.  We have done these in school and the children found them challenging but enjoyable.  The answers are included if you want to check what they have done (but don’t let them see them).  They do not have to print the booklet if you don’t have a printer, they can just write the answers on paper.

Friday maths

Easter holiday 6-19th April 2020

No work will be set over the holiday, however please continue to look at some of the useful resources above if you feel you would like your child to continue to complete some work during this time.

The teachers in school have put together an activity grid with some lovely suggestions of things you might want to do during the holiday.  The grid is uploaded below along with some physical activity resources suggested by our School Games coordinator.  There is also a grid with suggested activities that can be done with Lego.

Wishing you all a very restful Easter break.

Easter activities


60 second personal challenges for Redditch schools

Healthy A Z activity sheet

Physical, creative and research activities

Redditch School Games Challenges Primary

Redditch Schools PE Home activities

Week beginning 30th March 2020

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.  Below you will find activities for this week.

Monday 30th March

English -watch the video below on literacy shed.  Answer the before questions before the video starts and write down your answers (or can be done verbally).  Then watch the video and answer the after questions and write your answers down.  Write a character description for the zookeeper.


Maths – play the fractions game.  Then complete the worksheet on finding a quarter.


Year 2 – WORKSHEETS – Find a quarter

Reading – bug club books have been updated.  Read a book on bug club or a book from home.  Can you think of an alternative ending to your story?  Or if it is a non-fiction book, what extra chapter or pages would you have added to give the reader more information about the subject?  If your child is reading RWI books the link is below to access their books.  However, they can read books on bug club too.


Tuesday 31st March

English – read the story below.  Create a story map for the story.

Tuesday English Don’t Hog the Hedge! eBook

Maths – look at the link below.  Complete the recognise a third activity.  The answers are included so you can check your child’s answers or they can self mark.  If they do self mark, see if they can explain to you what mistakes they made and what they should have done instead.


Reading – complete the comprehension activity about hibernating animals below.

Hibernating Animals Reading Comprehension Activity

Wednesday 1st April

English – re-read the Don’t Hog the Hedge story from yesterday (see link above).  Write your imitated version of the story.

Maths – complete the find a third activity below.

Year 2 – WORKSHEETS – Find a third

Reading – look at the image below and answer the inference questions. 


Thursday 2nd April

English – reread the Don’t Hog the Hedge story from Tuesday (link added below).  Today write an innovated version of the story.  Remember an innovation is where you change a part/s of the story.  It might be the character or the setting that you decide to change.


Maths – complete the white rose maths activity below, lesson 3, step 8, on unit fractions.


Reading – complete the character description activity based on Hattie from the Don’t Hog the Hedge! book.

Character Description Worksheet

Friday 3rd April

English – reread the Don’t Hog the Hedge story.  Read it using your story map like we do at school.  Today write your invented version of the story.

Maths – complete lesson 4, step 9 on non-unit fractions (link below).  Make sure you watch the video.  It has flashback 4 at the start which is just like the 4 a day questions that I set you at the start of every lesson.


Reading – look at the image below and answer the questions.


Week beginning 23.3.20

Please do not feel you have to do all of these activities in a day, all children work at different paces. Outside play, cookery, gardening, helping with household chores, playing board games etc are all valuable things to do with your children during these unsettling times.

Monday 23rd March

Maths – complete this home  learning pack.  If you do not have access to a printer, get your child to write the questions and answers down.

Year-2-Free-Home-Learning-Pack (1)

English – write a non-fiction report about an animal of your choice.  Remember to include all of the things we have been learning at school: a heading, sub headings, interesting facts, adjectives, adverbs, ly starters, conjunctions, correct use of singular and plural etc.

Reading – read a bug on bug club.  Alternatively, read a book of your choice from home.  Write a book review about the book, what did you like about it, what happened, if it was a fiction book can you explain what happened in the opening, build-up, problem, resolution and ending?

Tuesday 24th March

Maths –  Please complete this worksheet on fractions, the unit we were due to start at school.  The worksheets get progressively harder, with reasoning and problem solving questions at the end.  If you do not have a printer please just get your child to write the questions out.  Please choose the level of difficulty appropriate for your child.

Year 2 – WORKSHEETS – Make equal parts

English – can you identify the nouns and the verbs.  Can you tell your grown ups the definition of a noun and a verb?

Noun or verb activity

Reading – please read the text below and answer the questions.

Tuesday reading activity

Science – below is a simple powerpoint to discuss with your child and help them to identify things that are living, dead and never been alive.  Ask your child to make 3 columns and write the things in each column.  

Sorting Living Things and Non-Living Things Powerpoint

Wednesday 25th March

English – please complete the below activity on subordinating conjunctions.


Maths – please complete the below activity on recognising half.

Year 2 – WORKSHEETS – Recognise a half

Reading – please read the text and answer the comprehension questions.  The small star/s at the bottom of the sheet indicate the level of difficulty (1 star is the simplest, 3 stars is the hardest).


Thursday 24th March

English – following on from yesterday’s activity on subordinating conjunctions, please complete the activity below on coordinating conjunctions.  Choose the one with two or three stars.


Maths – please complete the below activity on finding a half.

Year 2 – WORKSHEETS – Find a half

Reading – ask your child to look at the picture inference cards below.  Choose 4 and answer the questions.

GR activity 1 t-l-52204-inference-picture-and-question-cards_ver_1

Friday 25th March

English – have a look at the story settings and choose one (or more if you want to).  Write either a setting description or a short story using the setting image as a stimulus.  Remember to include lots of adjectives and similes.

Friday English story setting

Maths – continuing our fractions theme, complete the recognising a quarter activities below.  Remember to choose the ones that challenge you.

Year 2 – WORKSHEETS – Recognise a quarter

Reading – have a look at the image and answer the questions.  This is just like the ones we have done in guided reading at school.

Friday guided reading

Have a lovely weekend and I will upload some more work ready for next week.

Spring 2 week 3

This week has flown by and the children have learnt a lot.  They have been researching information about arctic foxes, and comparing them to what they already know about the red fox.  They learnt about adverbs and identified and used them in a piece of writing.  Next week they are going to write a report about the arctic fox.  In maths, the children began a unit of work on division.  They made equal groups using the sharing and grouping methods, divided by 2 and recognised odd and even numbers.

In RE, the children listened to the Unmerciful Servant parable.  They reflected upon why Jesus told Peter to forgive his brother not 7 times but 7 times 70 (one of the children worked out what 7×70 is), and wrote a letter to Peter, as Jesus, explaining why it is important to forgive.

It is Science week this week so the children have taken part in different activities during the afternoons, all with a science theme.  They drew around each other and thought about why everyone’s body is different, they labelled body parts and explained some of the functions of different body parts.  They also learnt about camouflage and the different ways animals can camouflage in their habitats and why this is important.  Thinking about types of camouflage, they decorated butterflies and hid them around the classroom to see where they would camouflage the best.  They also had to invent playground games for a visually impaired child.  They had to think about how it would feel to be visually impaired and some children were blindfolded and guided around the classroom.  They then designed some playground games that a visually impaired child could take part in safely.  Some of their designs were very inventive!

Spring 2 week 2

We have been busy this week in English rehearsing our story map for our foxes report.  The children and I story mapped together and as usual, the children created their own actions to match the story map.  In maths, the children have completed some practise SATs papers and began to learn about division, ready for starting a new maths unit next week.

In RE, they heard the Parable of the Lost Sheep.  The children reflected on the message of the story, and that they are the sheep and God is the shepherd.  They also wrote forgiveness prayers.

In geography, the children learnt about the rainforest.  They watched a short video clip and heard a sound clip, and thought of questions that they would like to find out about the rainforest.  They then found out some information in order to answer their questions.  In science, the children learnt about reptiles and birds and wrote about their features.  They were also very lucky to meet a bearded dragon and a chicken, the family pets of a child in year 1, and they asked lots of interesting questions about them.

We had lots of fun on World Book Day.  The children came into school to find the classroom chairs missing!  They were very puzzled as to where the chairs could have gone and then a letter arrived from the office.  The chairs had decided to quit because they didn’t want to be rocked on, left sticking out or be kicked under the table.  The children realised this was just like our favourite class book ‘The Day The Crayons Quit’.  So they wrote apology letters to the chairs and the luckily the chairs came back.  The children completed art activities linked to the book, such as designing a new outfit for peach crayon.

Spring 2 week 1

Welcome back to a new half term.  The children have set straight back to work and are enjoying our new  topic ‘Animal Planet’.

In English, the children have been learning about non-fiction reports.  They completed a cold write, whereby they wrote about an animal of their choice, they identified the features of a non-fiction report, they learnt how to write in the past and present tense and identified singular and plural.  In maths, the children multiplied by 3, 5 and 10 and solved word problems using their knowledge of multiplication.  

In RE, they learnt about the seasons of the liturgical year and why they are significant.  In Science, the children learnt to identify mammals and fish and wrote about their features and in art the children designed an Easter chocolate treat that they will be making in the coming weeks.

Spring 1 week 6

Another half term has flown by and it has been very busy for year 2.  The children have worked really hard and learnt a lot in the last 6 weeks.

In English this week, the children have finished writing their villain character description and they have been identifying and using contracted words and past and present tense.  In maths, we have been looking at multiplication and they have been understanding and recognising the multiplication symbol, representing multiplication using arrays and multiplying by 2.  

In RE, the children have been learning about baptism and why this is a special sacrament.  In science, the children wrote up their findings from the bread experiment and produced information about the importance of exercise, healthy eating and keeping clean.  In history, the children compared hospitals in the past to hospitals now.

No homework has been sent home during the holidays but please keep practising times tables (2, 5, 10 and 3), this can be done by accessing times tables rock stars and read the Bug Club books that are allocated to your child.

Spring 1 week 5

In English this week, the children have planned and began writing their invented character description about a villain.  They have also learnt about synonyms and used thesaurus’ to find alternative adjectives.

In maths, the children were learning to recognise, make and add equal groups.  Next week they will continue to learn about multiplication.  Please keep practising quick recall of times tables.  

In history, the children compared historic and modern day medical equipment and wrote about their purposes.  In RE, the children heard the teachings of the birds of the air and the lillies of the fields.  We talked about how this story teaches us not to worry about things and to put our faith in God to help us.  

We visited Woodrow library on Monday afternoon and the children designed their own superhero and heard a superhero story.  The children in St Andrews house had their house reward on Wednesday morning and they got to have a go at archery, using the new archery sets that we have purchased at school.  They all commented what a fun morning they had had.

Spring 1 week 4

Another busy week for year two and the children have been working very hard.  In English, they have written their own innovated character description and learnt about possessive apostrophes.  They also wrote a book review about Traction Man.  In maths, we finished our unit of work on money, focusing on finding the difference and finding change.  As we are starting multiplication next week we did a mixed 2, 5 and 10 times tables test.  Please practise these at home as quick recall of multiplication facts will be very beneficial to the children throughout their school life.  Year two children have access to times tables rock stars which will aid them in learning them.  Please ask if you need your child’s log in reissuing.

In science, we checked on our bread and we are definitely ready to write up about our interesting findings next week.  The bread certainly looks very different now.  The children also learnt about the things animals and humans need in order to survive.

In history, the children completed a venn diagram, recording facts about Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale.  They had to record facts that are different about each of them and then facts that are the same about them.

In RE, the children heard the parable of the sower.  They thought about the parable and how they can be like the seeds that fall on the good soil.  In PE, we have nearly finished our Traction Man dance.  The children’s ideas are brilliant and I am looking forward to seeing the final dance.

Spring 1 week 3

In English this week, the children have innovated the Traction Man character, we now have Traction Dog!  They created a character description plan ready to write about their own character next week.  They also learnt about similes and the range of sentence types they can use in their writing: statements, commands, questions and exclamative sentences.

In maths, we continued to work with money, focusing on comparing amounts and finding a total.  We will finish this unit next week and begin to learn about multiplication.

In RE, the children learnt about the Sacrament of the sick, and discussed why people may wish to be anointed.  They also heard gospel accounts of three of Jesus’ miracles and recorded information about them.

During our science lesson we had a look at our bread, it is starting to look rather mouldy! The children also learnt about the stages of human life, ordering and writing about them.  In history, the children learnt about Mary Seacole and compared her to Florence Nightingale.

Spring 1 week 2

This week has passed very quickly as we have had so much to do.  This week the children began to rehearse the story mapped character description of Traction Man.  They practised writing lists of three for description, using adjectives to describe superheros and wrote their imitated character description. 

In maths, the children did some practise SAT’s papers at the start of the week and then made the same amount of money in a variety of different ways.  In RE, the children heard the parable of the talents.  They wrote prayers thanking God for their talents and retold the story, thinking about what the parable is teaching them and how this can influence how they behave.

On Friday we had  a day learning about Chinese New Year.  The children took part in craft activities and even made up a Chinese New Year dance based on the theme of cooking in PE.

Next Monday (20th) we are holding SAT’s information sessions for parents.  Please attend one of the two sessions if you are able to, preferably without children.  There is one session at 2.30 – 3.00pm and one at 5.30 – 6.00pm.

Spring 1 week 1

Welcome back to a new half term.  The children have made me so proud this week.  They have come back to school with mature attitudes and they have set straight back to work.  Our topic this half term is To The Rescue.  As part of this topic, our focus text in English is Traction Man.  We will use the character Traction Man to write a character description.  The children have today begun to think about his character traits and appearance and used adjectives to describe him.  In PE, we started to create a dance based on the story.

In maths, our new unit of work on money has begun.  The children have amazed me with their understanding.  To further support your child, please allow them to pay for things if you are out shopping, or play shops at home.  Discuss with them which coins/notes they are using, ask how many other ways they could pay for the same item, ask how much change they will get etc.

In RE, we finished the unit of work on Christmas, describing the difficulties the wise men faced on their journey to Bethlehem.  We also began a new unit on Parables and Miracles.  The children heard the story of the Prodigal Son and reflected on how this story can help us to live our lives today.

It has been RSE week and the children have thought about how to look after themselves through exercise, a healthy diet, the importance of managing their emotions and how to be a good friend.  We also carried out a germ experiment, whereby pieces of bread have been touched by a gloved hand, many ungloved hands (theirs!) and rubbed on the floor. The children had to predict which will contain the most germs.  We will monitor the bread over the next few weeks and look forward to finding out if the predictions made are correct.

Finally, PE for St Bernadette class has changed to a Friday for the next term.  Please ensure full PE kit is in school, which includes pumps or trainers.  Children are not allowed to do PE in their school shoes.  Also, earrings must be removed or covered before coming to school.

Autumn 2 week 7

We have finally finished what has been a very busy half term in Year 2.  The children have worked so hard and I am very proud of their effort and achievements.  This week the children have been thinking about the importance of the Christmas story in RE.  They wrote from the perspective of Mary and Joseph and thought about the difficulties they faced on their journey to Bethlehem. 

The rest of the week has been spent doing art lessons, where the children have been busy creating lovely Christmas things to share with you.

From myself, Mrs Nurse and all of St Bernadette class, we wish you a very happy Christmas.  I look forward to seeing the children in 2020.

A few photographs from our amazing trip to the Snowdome!

Autumn 2 week 6

What a fantastic week it has been with the children performing A Midwife Crisis for KS2 and for parents/carers.  The children were brilliant and I am so proud of each and every one of  them.  Thank you for coming to see them, practising their lines and sending in costumes.

Even though we have been busy with the play, the children have still been subtracting 2 digit numbers using the column method in maths, they learnt about a town called Churchill, Canada, and designed an information poster to entice visitors to the town, in Geography, and learnt about St John the Baptist in RE.

To end our week we had a magical day at the Snowdome.  The children were very well behaved, they took part in all the activities and it was lovely to see them thoroughly enjoying themselves in the snow.  Buddy the St Bernadette class elf also managed to join us as he snuck into my rucksack!  Photographs from  the trip will be uploaded this week.

Autumn 2 week 5

We have had a busy week again with rehearsals for our Christmas production.  We had our final rehearsal today and it is looking fantastic!  We cannot wait to share it with you all next week.  

Due to rehearsals we have not completed as much recorded work as normal, however the children did begin to write their own independent short story in English using a picture stimulus.  Their ideas are wonderful and I look forward to reading their finished stories next week,  In maths, the children subtracted a 2 or 3 digit number and tens.  We will be finishing our subtraction work next week ready for a new unit of work to begin in January.

In RE, the children heard the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth.  They compared their feelings both before and after the angel had visited and role played the story.  They also learnt more about the Advent wreath and what the candles represent.  In geography, the children learnt all about scale and distance, using a map and google earth.  We had great fun finding our school using google earth.  In science, the children looked at the changes to cornflour when it is mixed with different amounts of water.  They had to describe what the changes were and whether they were reversible or irreversible.

Autumn 2 week 4

What a fantastic way to start our week with our class mass.  I was very proud of all of the children in St Bernadette class for their lovely readings and singing.  We have spent a lot of time this week practising for the Christmas play.  Please continue to practise if your child is still unsure of their lines.  Please also send in any remaining narrator costumes (plain black t-shirt or top, black leggings or trousers) on Monday 2nd December.

In English, the children planned and began to write their invented story.  They will be continuing with this next week.  In maths, the children used a number line to subtract a 2 digit number from a 2 digit number.  

In RE, the children learnt more about the importance of the saints, and they could name many different saints.  They created a fact file about our class saint, St Bernadette.  In geography, the children have compared the Arctic and Antarctic, thinking about why these two places are similar and  different.  In science, the children learnt more about reversible and irreversible changes.  We heated water to see what happens to it and heated bread, and talked about our findings.

Autumn 2 week 3

We have been very busy this week practising for our school play.  If possible, narrator costumes need to be in on Monday.   Please encourage your child to practise at home if they have a speaking part.  If lines have been mislaid we can send home some new ones if we are informed.

In English this week, the children finished off writing their innovated stories.  They also edited them and began thinking about what they will write next week for their invented story, where they will be writing from the viewpoint of one of the characters.

In maths, the children subtracted a two digit number from a 1 digit number by bridging 10, using a number line, and they subtracted a 2 digit number from a 2 digit number using the partitioning method.

In science, the children carried out an experiment to see how quickly ice melts under different conditions and in geography they learnt about the continents and oceans.

It is St Bernadette’s class mass on Monday (25th) and we have also practised the readings and songs this week.  We hope you can join us at our mass.

Autumn 2 week 2

Thank you to all parents who attended our whole school parent consultations this week.  It is always lovely to share your children’s work and achievements with you.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns at any time, please come and see me.

In English this week, the children began to plan their innovated story.  We shared ideas about different settings that Mary and Joseph could travel to instead of Bethlehem and thought about how they would get there and what they would take and why.  It is lovely to hear their imaginative ideas but a firm favourite with the children is Mary and Joseph travelling to the North Pole and baby Jesus being born in an igloo!  The children began writing their innovated story too and will finish them next week.  In guided reading our focus text has been The Day the Crayons Quit.  This is a very funny children’s book which they are all enjoying hearing and reading.

In maths, the children were adding two 2 digit numbers using the column method.  This was a little tricky at first but after another recap the children all understood the concept.  They also added three or more 1 digit numbers and answered word problems using their knowledge of addition.  Next week we will be moving on to subtraction.

In RE, the children continued work on the mysteries of the Rosary, and chose some mysteries to write about.

In Science, we began to look at reversible and irreversible changes and what this means and why.  We discussed whether toasting bread, freezing water and melting chocolate are reversible or irreversible and why.  We will be doing some exciting experiments to test changes over the next few weeks.

St Bernadette’s class mass is on Monday 25th November.  Invitations will be sent home next week.

Autumn 2 week 1

The children have settled back in to the school routine and this week has passed by very quickly.  We have begun to learn the songs for our Christmas performance and parts and lines have been given out.  Costume letters will follow.  If your child has a speaking part, please encourage them to practise as much as possible.  We are all very excited about this production!

In English, the children have heard the nativity story and we have used this as our model text.  The children have been practising the story using a story map, they have written sentences using coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and temporal connectives and they began to write their imitated version of the story.

In maths, the unit of work on addition and subtraction has continued, with the children adding two digit numbers and tens and two digit numbers and ones, using a number line and the column method.

In RE, the children learnt about the Rosary in more detail, and we discussed the mysteries of the rosary and the stories that relate to them.  

Autumn 1 week 8

The end of our first half term in Year 2 is here and the children definitely deserve a rest!  The children have planned and written their invented stories this week in English, used related facts to add and subtract and added and subtracted ones in maths and evaluated the making of their moon buggies in science.  In RE, the children heard and role played the story of The Wedding Feast at Cana.  They also heard the story of Mary at the cross and thought about how, as Jesus’ Mother, she would have felt seeing him on the cross.  They wrote a diary entry from Mary’s perspective.

I have sent home over the holiday the KS1 common exception words for the children to practise, along with an example of what cursive letters should look like.  If you have some time over the holiday, please get your child to practise reading and spelling the common exception words.  If they write them out on the handwriting paper I sent they will also be practising their handwriting as well as their spelling.   Books are available to read on Bug Club as always. 

Have a restful half term and I look forward to seeing the children on the 4th November.

Autumn 1 week 7

We began our week with our awards assembly.  It is always lovely to celebrate the children’s successes and I know they enjoy having their hard work rewarded.  In English this week, the children have created a new story map by innovating last weeks story.  They practised writing sentences using adjectives to describe a story setting and similes to describe a character.  They then wrote their innovated stories and edited them with the purple pens.  In maths, the children have learnt about the inverse operation.  Ask them to tell you the rhyme that they learnt to help them to remember which operation to do.  They used the inverse operation to check their calculations and to solve missing number problems.

In RE, the children wrote a letter to their family, in the role of Mary.  They explained how Mary felt when she and Joseph had to travel to Egypt with baby Jesus.  In Science, the children made their moon buggies and next week they will write up their evaluation of the design and making process.  In  History, the children finished writing their non-fiction report about Neil Armstrong.  

Please ensure lunch forms are handed  in by next Thursday (24th October) as this is our last day of this half term.  Children are not in school on Friday 25th October.

Autumn 1 week 6

What a lovely start we had to the week with a mass led by Year 3. After mass we began the first of the weeks prayers for the canonization of Blessed John Henry Newman, which takes place on Sunday 13th October. We prayed a decade of the Rosary and the children were very respectful during this time of prayer and reflection.

On Wednesday, the whole school joined in with a live broadcast from St Chads Cathedral.  Bishop Longley led the service and prayed the rosary which we joined in with as a school.  The children also listened to readings and joined in with familiar hymns.

In English this week, the children  began to learn a new imitated story about space.  They rehearsed the story and wrote it.  They also practised editing a piece  of writing and writing sentences, ensuring that capital letters and full stops were included in the correct places.  In maths, they began a new unit of work on addition and subtraction.  This included revising number bonds to 10 and thinking about their associated facts, completing bar models using clues to identify missing numbers and comparing calculations using the <, > and = symbols.

In RE, the children heard the story of the Prophet Daniel.  They completed a character profile, thinking about the kind of man that Daniel was.  In science, the children designed their moon buggy, ready for making it next week.  In history, the children began writing a fact file about Neil Armstrong. 

We finished off the week with a jump rope session this morning.  The children always enjoy the sessions when Jump Rope UK come to school, and so do the adults!  They practised their skipping skills and learnt some new  tricks.  The children all agreed that skipping is hard work and very good for their fitness.

Autumn 1 week 5

In English this week, the children have written their own invented setting description.  We shared ideas as a class and then the children picked their own setting to write about.  These varied from a school, a zoo, a football stadium, an airport, a candy shop, the beach and many more.  I am looking forward to reading their finished work.  In maths, we finished our unit of work on place value and the children were counting in tens, forwards and backwards from any number and counting in threes, forwards and backwards from 0.  They then completed a place value assessment to identify any misconceptions.  The scores made me very proud of all of their hard work since beginning year 2.  Next week we begin a new unit of work on addition and subtraction.

In RE, the children heard the story of David and Goliath.  They reflected upon David’s defeat and how he felt brave because of his strong faith and belief in God.

Handwriting is very important in year 2 as children need to form letters correctly in order to achieve end of year expectations in writing.  We are really trying hard in St Bernadette class to ensure lower case and capital letters are formed correctly, and sentences are correctly punctuated.   As well as handwriting practise in school, lots of the children have been bringing in special notebooks from home to show me how much they have been practising their handwriting.  Thank you to all of the parents who are supporting the children with this, it really makes a difference.

Today we began the ‘Novena with Newman’, which is 9 days of prayer to prepare for the canonization of Blessed John Henry Newman, which takes place on Sunday 13th October.  We prayed a decade of the Rosary and the children were very respectful during this time of prayer and reflection.

Autumn 1 week 4

We began our week with a lovely mass led by Year 4.  The children all sat and listened very well and were able to reflect on the mass when we went back to the classroom.  Following mass, we had an RE lesson and the children heard the story of Jonah and the whale.  They thought about Jonah’s feelings during different parts of the story.  They wrote a summary of the story and thought about a time when they have had to do something that they did not want to do. 

In English, the children innovated the story map that we have been learning, based on the man on the moon story.  We changed parts of the story, including writing about the sun and not the moon, and they wrote their innovated setting description.  We have also introduced purple editing pens which enable the children to look back though their work and correct any errors, such as missing capital letters, full stops or key spellings.  During our maths lessons this week, the children have ordered numbers from smallest to largest, using their knowledge of place value and counted in twos, five and tens.  They have particularly enjoyed the smart movers dance routines that help them to learn their times tables, we love to be active in St Bernadette class!

In science, the children tested materials to see if they would float, were waterproof or would roll.  They then recorded their findings.

A reminder that next Tuesday (1st October) is non-uniform day.  Please encourage children to wear something bright and bring in £1.  We would be very grateful for any donations of cakes to sell at the CAFOD fair.  Children can also bring in some money to spend at the CAFOD fair but please ensure it is in a named envelope/purse/wallet and not loose.

Autumn 1 week 3

In English this week, the children have written their imitated setting description and learnt how to use coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.  In maths, they have used a place value chart and compared objects and numbers using the greater than, less then and equals symbols.  Ask your child to sing you the alligator song that they learnt to help them remember when to use each symbol. 

In RE, the children  heard the story of Abraham and Isaac, and how God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son in order to test his faith in him.  They thought about the feelings of the two and what conversation they may have had on the way back down the mountain.  In PE, the children continued to learn how to play tag rugby.  The children completed a timeline in history and sorted and described materials in science.

Please complete and return any outstanding times tables rock stars forms if you would like your child to be able to access this resource at home.

Autumn 1 week 2

We have had a very busy week in year 2 beginning with a lovely mass led by KS2.  In our RE lessons this week, the children have learnt the story of Noah’s ark.  They sequenced and summarised the events of the story and thought about what the story teaches us about God.

In English, the children began to imitate a setting description, based on the story The Man on the Moon.  To do this we use story maps, whereby the children learn a text using a story map and putting actions to the words.  The actions help the children to remember the text, meaning they can confidently write about it.   In maths, we have continued the unit of work on place value and the children have been representing numbers to 100 using bead strings, representing numbers using a number line and partitioning numbers into their tens and ones.  Rapid recall is a firm favourite with the children and they are all eager to beat their score and move up a step.  Letters have been sent home today to Year 2 children about times tables rock stars.  Please sign and return these so your children can begin to use this excellent resource to practise their times tables.

Autumn 1 week 1

Welcome back to a new school year.  The children have settled in really well to Year 2 and have been working hard.  In English, they have written a cold write, an independent piece of writing, describing a beach setting using adjectives.  In Maths, we have begun our unit of work on place value.  The children have used numicon and diennes to make two and three digit numbers using their knowledge of place value.  They have also written numbers up to 100 in numerals and words.  In PE, the children began to learn the rules of tag rugby.  Today, the children learnt about Neil Armstrong and why he is important, and we watched a short video clip of the moon landing.