Welcome to our St Faustina Class Page.  Mrs Pinchbeck and Mrs Garratt are the class teachers and Mrs McLaughlin and Mrs Lisek are the Teaching Assistants.

Week beginning 25.5.20

As it’s now half term we will not be setting work daily however below is a grid of activities which we think you will enjoy.Please do as many or as few as you wish…

Click Half term activities above to open in a word document

We hope you have a lovely week and don’t forget to email any photos in!

 Week beginning 18.5.20

A big thank you to Molly May for starting our week with some lovely photos of what she’s been doing.  A lovely rainbow to remind us to stay safe!



Today you will be listening to the book ‘Cake’. You will be thinking about the thoughts and feelings of a character and also sequencing the main events in the correct order.



This week we will be focussing on Length and Mass…



As we are in the month of May, which is dedicated to Our Lady, this week we are asking you to make a shoe box shrine. Please have a go at making your own shrine as a family at home. You can fill your shoe box with a picture or statue of Our Lady, flowers, rosary beads and anything else which reminds you of her- be as creative as you like! We look forward to seeing your creations soon!


A message from Mrs Garratt

Great work Thomas!  Lovely to hear that you have been doing baking and arts and craft activities as well. 


For today’s lesson I would like you to write about your favourite meal. Tell me what it is and why you enjoy it. Don’t forget to begin each sentence with a capital letter and finish with a full stop. Remember your finger spaces and use your very best handwriting. You can draw a picture of the meal you have chosen after you have completed your writing.

Challenge…try to join two sentences using the words ‘and’ or ‘but’.


Today you will be measuring length using non-standard units…



Helena you have made a wonderful shrine to Our Lady, well done!

Please keep sending your photos in, it’s so nice to see what you have been doing.


Today we are going to think about using exclamation marks in our writing…



Carrying on from yesterday but today we will think about measuring using standard units of measure…




Today I would like you to practise your RWI ‘special friends’ sounds…it is so important that we don’t forget these. Please use the online book linked below…



Problem solving using halving and doubling…




Please continue to practise the RWI sounds from yesterday.


A lesson comparing the mass of objects…


Week beginning 11.5.20

A message from Mrs Pinchbeck…please click on the red writing.

A big well done to Helena, Thomas, Molly-May and Hayden for regularly reading their books that have been set on Bug Club. Remember, if you do not know your log-in details please call the school office as they will be able to assist with this. I would love to see more of you reading this week!

Oops…I forgot to mention Oliver RW too. I see you have been doing of reading. Well done!!!

If you prefer to read books you have at home already then that is also fine and a big well-done to you too!

Below is a link to some more free E-books if you are interested…




Let’s focus on reading today. Below is a link to a BBC Bitesize lesson all about the book ‘Funnybones’ which we have read together in class before…



Please try today’s BBC Bitesize lesson



As we are still in the season of Easter, we would like your children to make Easter gardens this week.  You can use any resources from around the home and be as creative as you like – just make sure that they have a religious theme.  Unfortunately, we are not in school to celebrate your amazing work together at the moment but please send in a picture of your creations to your teacher’s email address.  Please work together as a family on this if you can – you can submit one per family, or individual ones for siblings if the children would prefer.   I look forward to seeing the pictures of your amazing creations!

A big thank you to Emilia and Olivia who have shared what they have been doing at home.  Please email me some photos of the lovely things you are doing at home so I can share them with your friends on our class page.

Lovely to see Emilia solving math problems and baking bread, the bread looks delicious!

Olivia I am glad to hear that you are enjoying Bug Club Books on line and what super handwriting, thank you for sending it in.



Today there is a handwriting focus…



Fact families…


New PE links below!!!…

Below you will find a link to the latest challenges from School Games, a link to a Funetics at home learning pack and a link to some tennis activities (this can be submitted as part of a competition but is also just a fun thing to do at home).  All of these can be used for physical activity at home.

KS1 School Games Activities



Thank you Austyn for sharing some of the fun things you have been doing at home.  I can see you have been working hard, well done!

Super work Helena!  Nice to hear that you are enjoying reading some books off the Oxford Owl website as well.  Keep up the good work.



Today I would like you to practise reading and spelling some of the Yr 1 common exception words. Maybe you could try using some of them in a sentence. The list is linked below…



More subtraction…


Sam you have been working so hard, well done.  I haven’t got room to include all of the photos, but here is some of your fantastic work!  Thank you for sending them in.  

If anyone else would like to share their work please email us at StFaustina@st-thomasmore.worcs.sch.uk



Using the word ‘and’ to join sentences…



Addition and subtraction word problems…


Super work Leo, thank you for sharing it with us!



Look at the poster back below, they will help to explain what nouns, verbs and adjectives are (don’t worry about adverbs for now)…


Then choose a book that you like and write a list of some nouns, verbs and adjectives you can find in it. Perhaps you could use some of them in a sentence.


Comparing number sentences. You should be quite good at this as we’ve done it a few times in class already but this will be good practise for you…


Lovely to see another smiling face!  Thank you for sending in your work Zuzanna, well done!

Week beginning 4.5.20

Exciting news…we now a class email address so if you have anything you want to share with us i.e. completed work, an update on how you are doing, photographs etc. then this is the place to send them to. Please be aware that we will not be personally responding to the page but we will be posting on here instead.

Below is the address to send any work to




For today I would like you to try the English lesson on the BBC Bitesize page…



Ordering numbers. If you do not have access to a printer then you can simply write down the numbers in the correct order using paper and a pencil.




Today we are going to be thinking about how to write a set of instructions.  There are two videos to watch today with activities for both.




In today’s lesson we will be reading and writing numbers to 100…




Today we will continue where we left off yesterday and carry on with learning to write instructions…



Today we will be looking at tens and ones in numbers up to 100…




Let’s learn how to write a set of instructions…



Please follow the lesson below on applying knowledge of number bonds…



Today is a Bank Holiday and is celebrating 75 years since the end of WW2. Below is a fun VE Day related Maths activity if you would still like to do something…


Week beginning 27.4.20



Today I would like you to continue practising your pre-cursive handwriting. Select a paragraph from your favourite book and copy it out. Remember to form each letter clearly making sure they are sitting on the line in the correct place.



Continuing with multiplication as repeated addition…




Try and write some sentences containing expanded noun phrases e.g. I love soft, creamy ice-cream. adding two adjectives adds more interest than simple writing’ I love Ice-cream.’

Differentiated Activity Sheet

You can pick the sheet you like the look of best, or try all three!


Watch the PowerPoint that teaches you about arrays (this will help you with your work tomorrow)…

using lego or any other kind of blocks/building resources that you have, can you make some arrays of your own to match 2x or 5x  multiplications?

T-N-4976-Amazing-Arrays-PowerPoint_ver_3 (1)



Following on from yesterday’s work… please write some sentences of your own containing expanded noun phrases e.g. The soft, cuddly teddy bear sat alone on the shelf.

The sentences can be about anything at all but try to do at least six if possible.





For today please try the following reading comprehension…


Read the text and then do either the first or the second set of questions. If you do not have access to a computer you can simply tell the answers to your grown-up.


Please  try the problem of the day on the White Rose website…




Complete a book review for a book you have read this week


Today I would like you to practise…

Counting up in 2s, 5s and 10s

Saying your number bonds to 10 out loud…0+10, 1+9, 2+8, 3+7 etc until you can do it quite quickly (you could then move onto number bonds to 20!)

Doubles and halves

Welcome back everybody.

I hope you managed to have a fantastic break over the Easter Holiday and that you all enjoyed the sunshine!

Please note that daily writing and maths work will continue to be set over the coming weeks but we would also like you to complete some daily topic work too.

Below is a grid so that you can choose an activity for yourself. Some of them may take you a bit longer to complete so it’s absolutely fine for you to carry them over a couple of days…

Our Local Area topic grid (1)

Week beginning 20.4.20


Design a postcard that you would like to send to somebody. What would you write on it? Perhaps ask a grownup if you could actually send it to the person you have written it for.


What do you know about the number 13? Write down all the facts that you can think of  *hint: can you double it? Halve it? What are the number bonds? Is it a 1-digit or a 2-digit number? Is it odd or even? etc.


See grid above


Have a go at drawing a creature from your imagination. Example: Mrs Pinchbeck’s drawing has a creature with a long purple neck, eight short legs and yellow spikes along its back. It is furry and has sharp teeth and sharp claws.

Then use the word mat below to help you to write a short description of your imaginary creature. Don’t forget your capital letters and full stops!



Recap on what you know about shape…the PowerPoint below will help you. Once you have gone through it ask an adult to describe some shapes for you. Can you name the? Then swap over and see if the grown-up can guess the shape you are describing.



Watch the PowerPoint below and then have a go at creating your own Shape poem…



Complete the ‘Heavy or Light?’ worksheet. When you have done this create your own list of heavy and light objects that you can see around your home.




Adding the suffix ‘er’…



Making equal groups…




Draw a picture of your favourite book or film character. Around the picture can you write some adjectives to describe them? You could write words to describe both their appearance and their personality.


Below is a sheet to help you to begin understanding multiplication as repeat addition…


New post: A quick reminder for parents: There is lots of support for learning online and The Oxford Owl website has plenty of useful information for the teaching of RWI. There is a link below that you may find helpful.


Also please don’t forget that there are daily RWI phonic sessions on YouTube…again there is a link below:


How do I know which set sounds to focus on?

You will know which group your child is in by the colour of the RWI books they were bringing home…

Yellow books:  please focus on Set 3 sounds. However it certainly won’t hurt to recap on Set 2 sounds either as children need to be secure on these and they may well have forgotten some by now.

Orange books: Set 2 and 3 sounds

Pink books: Set 2 and 3 sounds

Red books: Set 1 and 2 sounds

Home learning over Easter:

Over the Easter holidays we will not be setting work daily as we’re sure you will all be needing a break.  All the links below will be staying on the website so use them if you wish.  As a school we have come up with some activities you may like to try with your child, however nothing is compulsory.

The image above can be found in the Easter activities document and there are  some physical activity resources suggested by our School Games coordinator.  There is also a grid with suggested daily challenges for Lego. Please do as little or as much as you would like.

Happy Easter to all of you,

Best wishes from Mrs Pinchbeck, Mrs Garratt and the rest of the St Faustina team.

Easter activities


60 second personal challenges for Redditch schools

Healthy A Z activity sheet

Physical, creative and research activities

Redditch Schools PE Home activities

New: Read Write Inc Phonics.  Below is a link for those children that read the Read Write Inc (RWI) books, you will be able to access RWI books here.


White Rose Maths is something we use regularly at school. Below is a link for Year 1


Week beginning 30.3.20

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and a great first week of home learning. Please remember that these are new and challenging times and we don’t wish to put too much pressure on you to complete these tasks daily. This new school environment is different for everybody and takes time to adjust. If you need to take a break then by all means do so but please continue to read with your child as much as possible. Practising number bonds or counting up in 2s, 5s and 10s can be done orally and is also valuable learning!



Write a list of all your favourite things. Bullet point them and write each one on it’s own line. Ideas to include could be your favourite animal, colour, toy, food, drink, place, ice-cream flavour, school subject, book etc. The list can be as long as you want it to be!


Have a go at designing your own maths board game. It can take any format but try to include some additions and subtractions to solve. Ask an adult to play it with you. There is a template to use below but feel free to draw your own if you prefer.




Below are some grammar and punctuation challenge cards-try them all or choose a few…



Have a go at the ‘What number am I?’ worksheets.




Handwriting/spelling exercise: Write the days of the week and the months of the year in your best pre-cursive handwriting. Remember…the first letter must be a capital letter and should not join to the next letter. Below is a link to remind you of how each individual letter should be formed. Practise as many times as you can so that your spellings are secure.

Note for parents… there is no expectation for joining in year 1.



Number bonds to 20 interactive game…




For today and tomorrow I would like you to create a storyboard/comic strip depicting the Easter Story. Write a sentence to go with each picture. You may present this however you wish (it’s up to you how many pictures you want to include) but there are a selection of blank storyboard templates below if you would like to use one of those…



Please practise your doubling of numbers…




Continuation/finishing of yesterday’s storyboard based on the Easter story.


Doubling activity…if you need to recap please redo the interactive activity from yesterday


Each week’s work will begin from the top of this page to save you having to keep scrolling down.

Learning from home during the school closure

We will be putting some Maths and writing work on this page Monday-Friday but please also remember to exercise and have some fun. You can draw, paint, create and bake. All of these are crucial to learning. Don’t forget to read as much as you can too!

We hope to see you all very soon…

Listed below are some links for home learning that you may find useful…




It is important to have at least half an hour exercise at home.  Click the link below and join the body coach Monday-Friday 9am!


Below is a good link for a free ‘E-book’


Work to do at home


Draw a picture of your favourite rainforest animal and write some sentences to go with it. Don’t forget your capital letters and your full stops.


Read any familiar or favourite book and write a simple book review. What did you particularly enjoy about the book? What was your favourite part? Why should others read it?

Also please remember to access your Bug Club account as new books will be uploaded weekly for you.

Read Write Inc Phonics.  Below is a link for those children that read the Read Write Inc (RWI) books, you will be able to access RWI books here.



What do you know about the number 8? Write all the facts you can think of…e.g. is it a 1-digit or 2-digit number? What are the number bonds for 8? What is it 1 more than? I less than? Is it odd or even?

Please continue to access this page. There will be new work set daily for writing and maths and new books will be uploaded weekly to Bug Club https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/login?c=0

Week beginning 23.3.20





Colour_Code_Addition_to20 (1)



Write a short letter to a friend or relative. Tell them what you have been doing at home so far. What else do you hope to do?

Challenge: Try to write this letter in your best pre-cursive handwriting.


Go on a shape hunt around your house and in your garden. How many 2D shapes can you spot? Make a list of any you find and then talk to an adult about them. How many sides do they have? How many corners? What other things can be the same shape?



Have a go at writing some super sentences. If you do not have a printer at home then you could simply copy what is on the worksheet onto whatever paper you have available. Please note that there are three versions of the same sheet. The stars on the top left-hand corner refer to the difficulty level. It is up to you to choose the version that you think is most suitable for your child…



For those of you that don’t already know, Carol Vorderman’s online maths site is also currently free for those home learning. It may be worth a look…


For your maths activity today,  use your knowledge of place value to fill in the missing numbers.




Use the PowerPoint to learn about how to use question marks in your writing. Perhaps you could try some of the activities on there…



Click on the link to find some missing number challenge cards. How many can you solve?




Please have a go at the comprehension task below…

Reading comprehension


1  more and 1 less. There are to activities to choose from, however feel free to do both if you wish. The second link contains three different versions all at various difficulty levels.



Spring 2 Week 2

We began the week with a visit from a bearded dragon and a chicken.

Thank you to Oliver and his mom for bringing the animals in, it made learning about birds and reptiles extra special!  We got to ask lots of questions and find out about how Oliver looks after the animals at home.

Oliver showed us live locusts which is what the bearded dragon will eat, though he wasn’t very hungry at the time.

For world book day we shared stories with our friends as well as having older children in the school come and read a story of their choice with us.  It was lots of fun.

In Maths we had lots of fun investigating weight working together to weigh items using a scale.

Spring 2 Week 1

We’re glad everyone had a good half term and have come back refreshed and ready to learn.  

In RE we have began talking about the importance of Lent and how we can be a better follower of Jesus, and have wrote some lovely Lent prayers.

In Science, we have learnt to identify mammals and fish and wrote about their features.

In Geography we have began to learn about rainforests asking lots of questions.

In Maths we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.  Please see what step your child is on and practise at home.  The children are working hard in school with their rapid recall challenges and do these three times a week.

Spring 1 Week 6

In Maths the children have continued to explore length and height by comparing and ordering objects as well as using a ruler to measure in centimeters.

The children have worked hard in all areas of curriculum and have had lots of fun this half term.  We hope you all have a good break!

Spring 1 Week 5

In Art and DT the children had lots of fun making their superhero badges with clay.  They used different techniques to mould and mark the clay before they were able to paint it.  We were very impressed with their hard work, concentration and finished products.  Well done St Faustina!

Spring 1 Week 4

In Art and DT the children have been busy using Plasticine to make a prototype of a superhero badge ready to make with clay next week.  They’ve all done a great job!   

In Science we looked at our bread experiment and discussed how it has changed.  We also looked at our basic needs; next week we will be focusing on how to be healthy.

In History we have been comparing Florence Nightingale and  Mary Seacole and discussing what they may have had in their nurses bags.  We put the objects in chronological order and thought about how the items may have changed over time.

In Maths we have been practicing our addition and subtraction to solve problems.  We have also began investigate length, please return the measuring homework to receive a sticker and move up the zone board.

Spring 1 Week 3

This week we learnt a ribbon dance for Chinese New Year.  We had lots of fun! In Maths with Mrs Pinchbeck we continued our work on addition and subtraction and also looked at doubling and halving.  With Mrs Garratt we made repeating patterns with 3D shapes saying what would come before or after in the pattern as well as naming and describing the shapes we had used.  Return the shape homework to Mrs Garratt for a sticker and a house point.

In Science we learnt about the stages of human life, sharing our experiences and talking about our families.  We ordered and matched pictures with statements about each stage.

In History we learnt about Mary Seacole and compared her to Florence Nightingale whom we discussed the previous week.

Spring 1 Week 2 

Thank you to those of you who attended our phonics workshop on Wednesday.  We hope this gave you some insight into how Read Write Inc is taught and how you can help at home.

In Maths we played games where our peers had to name the shape we were describing using our mathematical language to describe 3D shape properties.

We also continued our work on addition and finding number bonds within 20.

In Science we are learning about animals.  For our first lesson we discussed and paired adult animals to their babies.  We then chose an animal to write about how it changes as it grows.

In History we learnt who Florence Nightingale was and why she is remembered.  We worked together to think of questions we would ask her and then asked our questions to our peers taking on the role of Florence Nightingale in our ‘hot seating’ activity.

On Friday we had a day for an early celebration of Chinese New Year.  We had lots of fun doing a dragon dance, making lanterns, practicing Chinese writing, drawing pictures and playing games.

Spring 1 Week 1  

We had a fun filled first week back talking about how we can look after our bodies, through diet, exercise and a positive mental well being.  The children talked about healthy and unhealthy foods designing a lunch box they would be happy to have.

They  did timed exercise challenges and looked at the effect on their bodies.

They did simple peer massage on their friends back if they wanted to.

We tried different breathing and relaxing techniques.

As usual they thoroughly enjoyed yoga.

The children also carried out a germ experiment using a slice of bread to predict which will carry the most germs.  1 slice was was touched by a gloved hand, 1 touched by the childrens hands and the last rubbed on the floor.  We will monitor the bread and record the changes.

Key Stage 1 Topic Plan for Autumn 2 2019

Autumn Term

Autumn 2 week 7:

This week we have been busy creating and crafting. The children are very excited for Christmas and have made fabulous cards and calendars. They have also spent time designing a stocking which they then had to recreate out of felt, making sure their finished products matched their original designs. They have had to use a variety of different skills ; drawing, cutting, sewing and decorating. This has been quite difficult but they’ve persevered.

We have also been doing lots of practice for our Christmas Carol Concert which we’re positive you will enjoy.

The only thing left to say this half term is Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for your continued support.

Autumn 2 week 6:

Wow! What an exciting week we have had…we thoroughly enjoyed show-casing our Key Stage 1 performance ‘A Midwife Crisis’ and we particularly liked it when parents joined in with the last song.

On Friday we had an amazing time at The Snowdome. It’s a good job we were wearing our warmest clothes because it was freezing! We went sledging, whizzed down snowy ramps on inflatable tyres and watched a really funny show starring Santa and his hilarious elves. We were exhausted on the way back and some of us even fell asleep.

Autumn 2 week 4:

St Faustina class have been very busy indeed. Rehearsals are well underway for our Key Stage Nativity performance and so they have been practising, practising, practising!

They have also enjoyed learning about scale and distance in Geography, where we looked on Google Earth and managed to locate our school. We then looked at the surrounding area and we even followed along the Studley Road until we came to the Kingfisher Centre. The children were excellent at using the correct geographical language.

The children have also enjoyed learning about the Advent Wreath in their RE lesson and have written about what it symbolizes.

It has been a very hectic 8 weeks and we have been doing lots of hard work. It has been a big change from Reception but we have all settled well and are now used to our new routines.

This half term our new topic is ‘Winter Wonderland’ so keep a look-out for some class photos of all the fun things we will be doing!