Wednesday St Faustina Class

Please remember on THURSDAY to click the teams link for your class and not English group. It is World book Day and your live session is with your class teacher. Please dress as your favourite character from a book. You can wear a t-shirt or even pyjamas with that character on. PLEASE DO NOT buy something especially for Thursday.

Wednesday 3rd March 2021


LO To use the language of position, direction and movement.

To use the language of position, direction and movement (Part 1) (

The video mentions the word algorithm. The children have used this word in Computing sessions when using the Beebot app and Espress Coding.  It is all about giving instructions. There is a lot of talking in this video! The children need to know their left and right and understand quarter turns. 

Today give each instructions (an algorithm) for moving around your house, your garden or on your daily walk.


  • Walk forward 4 steps
  • Quarter turn right
  • Walk forward 2 steps
  • Quarter turn left
  • Walk forward 6.


LO: To create a ‘thought shower’

In the story Kevin finally ends up on the ground because of a woodpecker. Think about all the new and  different experiences Kevin might have had because of this…perhaps he tried new food, went on holiday, read a certain book etc.

Writing activity:

Write down all the things YOU would like to do/try in the format of a thought shower. In the middle write ‘I would like to…’


Lesson 2 -   draw with colour pencils part 2 – YouTube 

You will need- Paper, a pencil, colouring crayons, rubber and a sharpener.  

LO: To begin to create different effects using shading and colouring  

Watch the video and practise how to draw a red pepper using tone with coloured pencils. In this step-by-step tutorial, it will teach you how to use coloured pencils to create the drawing of a red pepper and add shading. You will need to pause the video to draw the pepper first, then pause at any time to give you more time to practise. We would love to see your work, so remember to send it to us.