Wednesday St Faustina Class

24th March 2021


We are recapping number positions. Complete the questions below.

L.O. Reason about the location of numbers. 

1. Write down a number that is between 11 and 15. 

2. What is 1 more than 17? 

3. What is the missing number in this equation? Write this equation correctly.  5 +  ?   = 12 

6. What is 1 less than 19? 

7. Write the number sequence and fill in the missing numbers. 

30, _, 50, 60, __ 

8. Continue this sequence 

60, 50, 40, ___, ___ 


Today’s sound is ‘ar’ Please practise writing these word with ‘ar’ in and the recap sound word, then complete the sentence.

Words – start, part, dart

Write the recap sound word – spoon

Sentence – Can you start the car?


to see your work, so remember to send it to us.  

Lesson 4 -   Draw with Coloured Pencils PART 4 – Landscape – YouTube 

You will need- Paper, a pencil, colouring crayons, rubber and a sharpener.  

LO: To create different light and dark tones   

Watch the video and practise how to draw a landscape. The tutorial will teach you how to sketch out the initial drawing very lightly and colour the background in very light tones. It will move onto teaching you how to draw trees and hills very simply in the background to contrast, as the drawing develops you will learn how to create dark tones with the coloured pencils, we would love to see your work, so remember to send it to us.