Remote Learning

Behaviour Reminders for Live Lessons

  1. Be on time for the lesson and join the meeting a minute before the specified time. 
  1. Ensure you have an adult with you for the session.  
  1. Join the meeting with your microphone muted and your camera on. 
  1. Don’t use the chat facility in Teams other than when you are instructed by a teacher or have a sensible question. 
  1. Use the hands up feature if you are told to. 
  1. Mute your microphone unless you are asked to contribute. 
  1. Never share the live lesson anywhere else. 
  1. Follow the Acceptable Use Policy. 
  1. Complete the quiz. 
  1. Be positive and contribute when asked. 

Remote Learning 2020/21 Action Plan

In September 2020, our school returned to full-time education following the Covid 19 closure in March. Although we hope that the majority of our children will now have an uninterrupted experience, there is the possibility that an individual child, a class bubble, or indeed the whole school, will need to self-isolate for a period of time. We have therefore put in place a plan for remote learning so that all children can continue with their education.  

This meets the expectations set out in the DfE guidance ‘Remote Education Support’

In the instance of an individual child needing to self-isolate, the school will provide paper copies of work being taught in class to ensure they access the same areas of the curriculum. In the event of a class bubble or the whole school needing to self-isolate, the school will use the Remote Learning tab on its website for remote learning. On this page will be important information regarding remote learning during absence from school. For each weekday morning during term time that a class bubble is closed, the class teacher will greet the children on Teams at 10am to introduce the learning for the day and to check in with the pupils and parents. 

If a child does not have access to a computer/laptop and/or the internet, the school will do all it can to support children and will provide paper packs of learning. Parents will be reminded to make the school aware of any barriers to accessing remote learning. 

You will find here an overview of lessons to be completed each day. If you click on your CLASS you will see specifically the curriculum expectations set by your class teacher.   

It will provide learning across the curriculum and children will be expected to spend a similar amount of time completing this as they would spend learning in school.  

1 hour of maths,  

1 hour of English (30 minutes reading, 20 minutes phonics/spellings, 20 mins writing)  

1.5 hours a day of foundation subjects  

If children can’t complete the work set within that time parents should feed back so staff know to reduce the amount of work.  

The Overview. 


  • Phonics – RWI videos  
  • Reading – Bug Club 
  • Maths and foundation subjects – book specific weekly plan with activity ideas and guidance 

KS1 & KS2 

The daily timetable will include: 

  • Maths – Oak National Academy / Times Tables Rockstars 
  • Reading – Bug Club 
  • Writing – Oak National Academy  
  • Phonics – Read Write Inc  
  • Foundation Subjects – learning linked to the year group curriculum – Using the Oak National Academy. 
MATHS  Children will be directed by the teacher to a specific unit to complete.   Children have their own TTRockStars login details to practise and rehearse their times-tables at the appropriate level.  
READING   Reading is everything. Read as much as you can at home. Children are to read their assigned books on Bug Club.  
WRITING Children will be directed by the teacher to a specific unit to complete.  
PHONICS AND SPELLINGS  Children will have access to the speed sounds that they have been learning in school and the corresponding words containing those sounds to practise reading.  KS2 will be set spelling activities based on the RWI scheme. 
FOUNDATION SUBJECTS  OR                                                    Your teacher will guide you whether to use BBC Bite Size OR the Oak Academy. Feel free to do extra.  Children can select their year group and subject (science, history or geography) then complete a relevant learning activity linked to their classroom learning.      

The Oak National Academy

The ‘teaching content’ will be provided to children through age appropriate video content on the DfE published list of educational resources site; Oak National Academy website. This provides the equivalent of 3 hours of lessons per day for primary school children. In their ‘classroom’ each lesson is an hour-long. They’re delivered by a teacher, with a pre-recorded video as well as quizzes, worksheets and creative activities. It’s all easy to use, there’s no login or password, and you can access the lessons on any device- pupils only need materials they can find at home. 

Providing feedback 

Pupils can send any completed work to teachers via their class email, which will be added to the Remote Learning page for the class when required.  Teachers will also add forms and quizzes to their Remote Learning page for the children, or parents on behalf of younger children, to complete to provide feedback. The government expect all schools to monitor that children are completing the work set, the quality of the work and assessing how well the children have done. This is to ensure as little disruption as possible to their educational. Completion of the forms and quizzes allows the staff to see how your child is doing and adjust the work if necessary.  

Alternatively, work that children complete on paper should be kept safe and returned to school when safe to do so.  

Contact with pupils/ parents 

Parents are able to contact the school via telephone or the class email address. Teachers will email back feedback if required. Any response should be made within 24 hours during the week. Where a pupil is self-isolating on medical grounds for a significant period of time, contact will be made via telephone on a weekly basis to monitor learning and provide support if needed.  

Pupils identified as vulnerable will be contacted by the SENCO on a weekly basis and support offered as necessary.  

If a whole bubble is on lock down a weekly link to TEAMS will be sent out to enable children to meet up with their teacher and class online to just check in. The link will be sent via ParentPay before the event allowing your child access.  


Please refer to the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy.  

Data protection 

When accessing personal data, all staff members will: Only use their official school email account.  

Sharing personal data 

Staff members are unlikely to need to collect and/or share personal data. However, if it does become necessary, staff are reminded to collect and/or share as little personal data as possible online. All data collection will be compliant with GDPR guidelines.  

Keeping devices secure 

All staff will take appropriate steps to ensure their devices remain secure. Computers should be locked if left inactive for a period of time. Operating systems must be up to date – always install the latest updates. All devices operate a multifactor authentication when out of school.  

Monitoring arrangements 

This policy will be reviewed by the Senior Leadership Team as and when updates to home learning are provided by the government. At present the only ‘live lessons’ will be used via the Oak Academy.  

Links with other policies 

This policy is linked to our:  

  • Positive Behaviour policy  
  • Child Protection and Safeguarding policy  
  • GDPR policy  
  • IT and Online safety policy  
  • Staff Code of Conduct 
  • Home Learning policy