Tuesday St Faustina Class

Please remember on THURSDAY to click the teams link for your class and not English group. It is World book Day and your live session is with your class teacher. Please dress as your favourite character from a book. You can wear a t-shirt or even pyjamas with that character on. PLEASE DO NOT buy something especially for Thursday.

Tuesday 2nd March 2021


Year 1 LO To use the language of position

To help your child access this lesson ensure they understand the words: left right between above

The words below are also used to describe position and you can use it in your everyday language.  If you could practise these at home with your child to help them understand the meaning.  For example ‘Push your chairs underneath the table’.  It doesn’t have to be as part of a lesson just as you work through the day.

above below, under, underneath, beside, in front, inside, outside, between

To use the language of position (thenational.academy)


LO: To write about our own experiences

Think back to yesterday’s lesson and how we discussed Kevin feeling afraid. Things often feel scary when they’re new to us.

Writing activity:

Write about a time when you have felt worried by a new experience and then how you felt after e.g. starting a new class… sleeping over at a friend’s house etc.

A-time-when-I-was-afraid Download


LO To know the story of Jesus and the children.

Recall the story of Jesus and the children. Children to imagine that they are amongst the children who came to Jesus. What would they tell him? What do they think he might say to them?


Imagine that you were amongst the children who came to Jesus.  What would you tell him?  What do they think he might say to them?  Either print or draw the picture of Jesus and the children and write in the speech bubbles what the children might say and also what Jesus might say to them too.

Let the children come with speech bubbles Download


Time to Talk

Today’s session is building on last Tuesday’s when we were thinking about Feelings & Actions.

Take 10-15 minutes with your child and have a talk away from any distractions.

Explain to your child (or children) that sometimes we experience strong or extreme feelings. But we don’t want our feelings to make us act in ways that we would be sorry about afterwards, so we should have some simple ideas to help us.

  • Count to 10
  • Take a deep breath
  • Walk away
  • Have a THINK moment before you speak
  • Talk to a teacher/someone you trust

Sometimes these simple actions do not always work and we can get carried away.  When this happens our actions have consequences.  This means that what we decide to do, like saying an unkind word, may have results that we might not be happy about later.

Explain that we ALL make mistakes.

What could we do if we get carried away with our actions:

  • Say Sorry
  • Explain why you got upset, but that you shouldn’t have acted the way you did.
  • Ask them to forgive you

Discuss with your child (or children) what forgiveness means – not holding it against them. Explain that it may seem unfair to just let someone off without making them ‘pay’ for what they did. That is why it takes a special kind of love, like the love of God, to forgive.

This session is about taking time to talk to your child about saying sorry and forgiveness.  Please use this quiet time to reassure them that we learn from our mistakes and that it is always important to talk.  End the time with your child by saying the prayer below.