Thursday – St Teresa


Thursday 4th March 2021

Today, we have a few activities for you to do at home to celebrate World Book Day.

The Masked Reader

Spend some time today watching the videos and listening to the stories. Can you guess who the Masked Readers are? Don’t forget to visit ‘The Reveals’ to see if your guesses were right!

Guided Reading

Please listen to Chapter 8 of Alice in Wonderland:

Read ‘The Jabberwocky’ poem and answer the questions:

Design a Book Cover

We would like you to design a new book cover for Alice In Wonderland. Which characters would you include? Send us your designs.

Map of Wonderland

What do you think Wonderland looks like? Have a go at drawing a map of Wonderland to include all of the parts we have visited in the story so far.


Have a go at solving this Alice In Wonderland wordsearch:


Have a go at choreographing a dance to the Alice In Wonderland theme tune. Can you tell the story so far with dance? How could you show Alice going down the rabbit hole, and how she shrinks and grows?

And finally…READ!

Get cosy with your favourite book and enjoy reading.