Thursday St Faustina Class

Thursday 25th February 2021


LO To describe and classify 2D shapes

To describe and classify 2D shapes (

We use the word rectangle and not oblong in school but please share both words with your child


Classify the 2D shapes below into groups.  Choose your own criteria.  Draw two circles and either cut and stick the shapes or draw them.  Make sure you label the large circle so that we can see how you have classified the shapes.

2D-Shape-Cards Download


LO: To extract information from a text

Remind children of how to answer comprehension questions…stress the importance of scanning the text to find the relevant information.

Writing activity:

Complete the following comprehension questions…you must answer in full sentences.

Comprehension-questions1 Download


We are starting a new unit where we will be learning all about Habitats. In this lesson, we will learn what the acronym MRS NERG stands for and learn each of the characteristics of living things. We will then identify and sort a range of living and non-living things.

What are the characteristics of living things? (



Lesson 1