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Behaviour Reminders for Live Lessons

  1. Be on time for the lesson and join the meeting a minute before the specified time. 
  1. Ensure you have an adult with you for the session.  
  1. Join the meeting with your microphone muted and your camera on. 
  1. Don’t use the chat facility in Teams other than when you are instructed by a teacher or have a sensible question. 
  1. Use the hands up feature if you are told to. 
  1. Mute your microphone unless you are asked to contribute. 
  1. Never share the live lesson anywhere else. 
  1. Follow the Acceptable Use Policy. 
  1. Complete the quiz. 
  1. Be positive and contribute when asked. 

We have a class email for sending any queries to, which will be monitored daily. Please email:

Please send the photos of your completed work to this email address but also keep the work as it MUST be sent back in to school when we return.

Don’t forget to log on to Bug Club daily.   Every child has been allocated books to read. Please do NOT read all your books in one day, if you read them all, please read some of the bug club books from your library section.

Our timetable:

Yoga Sessions Online

This can be a very worrying and stressful time for children, with lots of change happening all the time. It is extremely important that we nurture and care for the children’s mental health and well-being. Yoga has been proven to decrease stress levels, reduce anxiety and help with relaxation. Here are some website links to online Yoga sessions that your child could do at home. They are aimed at primary school children, and there are different lessons to choose from. We have used them in school before so your child may be familiar with them.

Yoga at School | Engaging all Children in Yoga | Primary School Yoga

Home – Cosmic Kids

Week beginning 18th January

Monday 18th January

Good morning everyone, we have now reached the beginning of week three for home learning. I was very impressed with all the work you have been doing, your work looked great.


Don’t forget to log on to Bug Club this week, you have a book for each day. Please do not read more than one each day.


We are going to be learning about Money this week, you will be learning about the value of coins today.

LO To identify the physical properties of coins

If you have some real coins to look at that will help you, but do not worry if not as they are all on the video.

Do not watch the last minute of the video as this will give you the answers! Only watch when you’ve complete the task.

To identify the physical properties of coins (


LO: To select appropriate adjectives for description 

Today we are going to think of words to describe Mrs Large.  You looked at describing words last week and they are called adjectives.

The activity is called ‘role on the wall’ and I will model this in our live session for someone not in the book. 

Writing activity: 

Children to complete a role on the wall for Mrs Large. 

In the middle of the outline you write adjectives to describe their thoughts, feelings and emotions of the character.  Surrounding the outline you write words to describe what they look like and how the character acts. 

Below is an outline you can print or just draw it in your book at home.

Free Simple Elephant Outline, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on  Clipart Library

Extension; Repeat the activity for another character in a Piece of Cake or a character from your favourite book.  Don’t forget to use your phonic knowledge to spell your words.


L.O. Learn that programs execute by following clear instructions and understand that programs respond to inputs to do different things.

In Computing today you will be using Espresso Coding (which many of you have used in school already). 

You will need the username and password which was sent via Parent Pay.  (We will tell you it in the teams session on Monday too)

You will also need this guide to help set it up. Mrs Humphries has created a step by step guide to access this programme:

Start on level 1 and complete: Under the Sea and Royal Chase.  If you complete these you can move on to Transport on the Go and Another Planet.

Click this link to access Espresso Coding: Discovery Education UK – EHA


L.O: To know the story of Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand 

Watch the video of ‘The Feeding of the 5000’… 

Jesus Feeds The Poor – Feeding the 5000 – Bible Stories For Kids – Miracles of Jesus Christ – YouTube 

Imagine you are the boy with the fish and loaves of bread.  

What would you say to Jesus when you gave him the bread? What do you think Jesus would say to you? 

Write a couple of questions you think the boy might ask Jesus and write what you think Jesus would have said back.  

If you want to you could draw a picture of the boy and Jesus with speech bubbles near their mouth. Or just write them in sentences, don’t forget to use a question mark at the end of the boy’s sentence. 


Friday 15th January 

Well, we have reached the end of our second week in lock down. I don’t know about any of you but it feels much longer than that. You are all doing so well, keep it up and have a good weekend.

Thank you to those parents who have filled in the parent form about the online learning that was sent out on Monday.

Below is a new quiz for your child to complete about the work they have done this week.

Please have a go at this weeks quiz and you will find Friday’s work below.


Mrs Pinchbeck/Mrs Millward and Mrs Goodyears English group 

L.O: To write expanded noun phrases 

Today we are continuing to learn how to improve basic sentences by adding adjectives to describe a noun. 

Please select the correct group’s work


LO To solve problems involving addition and subtraction


Today we will be learning where the world’s oceans are located… 

Where are the world’s oceans? ( 

There is a map to complete after to show that you know where they are found in the world, however if you do not have access to a printer then you can simply list the oceans as they are numbered on the map. 

There is also a link below to a very catchy oceans song that you may want to learn. You may end up singing it for the rest of the day though!


The Youth Sport Trust are running live after school sports sessions at 5pm on a Tuesday and Thursday.  You may want to use one of these for a PE session or you can click on the link below and choose one of their past sports club videos to follow instead… 

YouthSportTrust – YouTube 

Or you can complete the Joe Wickes workout if you prefer. 


Thursday 14th January 

Good morning everyone, I’d just like to say how much I loved the gym posters some of you sent to me, they were great.

Here is the plan for today.

Year 1 maths 

LO To solve problems involving addition and subtraction


Mrs Pinchbeck/Mrs Millward and Mrs Goodyears English group 

LO: To identify adjectives in a sentence 

Today we will be completing a grammar lesson about verbs (these are action words e.g running), adjectives (describing words) and nouns (the name of something or a place eg. A table or England). We will look at a powerpoint to explaining what they mean a bit more. The main focus will be on adjectives. 

Writing activity: 

Copy or print out the sentences and underline every adjective you can see in each sentence. 

Have a go at writing a couple of sentences of your own afterwards.


Today we are going to look at a balanced diet and complete the task from lesson 3 on Oak academy. Please click the link below. You do not need to print out this worksheet, you can draw a circle for your child on a piece of paper instead. 

What is a healthy diet? ( 


We will be using Oak academy to learn more about music. Today is all about creating patterns.


Wednesday 13th January

Good morning everyone, I am really pleased with you all for completing your work this week so far.


With the Maths videos from Oak National academy please pause them as you go through them with your child if you need to and work through the questions. Work at the pace of your child.

LO To recognise the relationship between addition and subtraction

Question 1 

Question 2 


How else can we write these equations?  Can we start with the answer?  What would the question look like then?  For example 6=7-1.  Have a go at these questions.


Parents please let your child have a go on their own with the phonics part of the lesson as this is done independently normally at school.

Then try and encourage them to have a go at the other English task on their own first.

Mrs Pinchbeck/Mrs Millward and Mrs Goodyear’s English group 

LO: To use persuasive language 

Discuss with children some of the problems Mrs Large faced when trying to exercise e.g. her family not wanting to join her. 

Explain to the children that they are to imagine that Mrs Large now wants to join a gym… 

Writing activity: 

Keep healthy poster advertising a gym (use persuasive language) Don’t forget to make it a bright colourful poster.

Here is an example.


Our Art this half term has been planned by our Art and Design Technology coordinator Mrs Peachey. It is a whole school art focus on sketching. Every week we will practise a new skill and in the final week before half term we will be sketching an object.

Lesson 1   –  How to Shade with PENCIL for BEGINNERS – YouTube 

You will need- Paper, a pencil, rubber and a sharpener 

LO: To begin to understand how to shade. 

Watch the video and practise the different techniques. You can pause the video at any time to give you more time to practise. We would love to see your sketching techniques, so remember to send us your work. 


Get outside for a walk with your family if you can. Or you can complete a Joe Wicks workout. Click the link below and access the ‘PE with Joe’ session from this morning.

Alternatively, 5-a-day that we do at school have given us home access to their dance routines. These are the ones that we do at school. The school office have sent the details via ParentPay.

If you need the log in details please email me and I will send them to you. These are ideal to use for movement breaks throughout the day. Your children love them. We use them in between each lesson to get the children up and moving before they then settle down and do the next lesson.


Tuesday 12th January

Good morning everyone, I would just like to say how proud I am of you all for completing your home learning. I know it is a difficult time and I would like to thank you all for supporting your child at home. I am also pleased to see many of you are logging on to Bug Club online reading too.

Please e-mail me if you have forgotten your password, as the children have their own individual log in.


Mrs Pinchbeck/Mrs Millward and Mrs Goodyears English group

L.O: To write in the format of a list.

Listen to the story (Click the link below for the online version of the story)

‘A Piece Of Cake’ by Jill Murphy  Read by Karen Salter Poole  YouTube

Writing activity:

Write a shopping list for Mrs Large for her new balanced diet. Remember it is important to have a range of food from the different food groups.

Here are some suggestions to choose from, it would also be great if you could add your own healthy food too.

chipsBoiled eggsfishmilk
ice creamapplesfruit juiceLemonade

Here is an example of how to write a shopping list.


LO To link subtractions sentences to problem solving contexts


LO-Know the story of the Jairus’ daughter. 

Watch the story of Jairus’ daughter again. 

Jairus’ Daughter – Animated Bible Story – YouTube 

Jesus was a miracle worker, and that the power to perform miracles was a sign of God’s power working through him. 


Imagine you are Jairus or his daughter – Write a thank you note to Jesus for what he has done for you. 

RHE  (Relationship Health Education) 

The unit we have been working through is called ‘Me, my body, my health and today we are focusing on being Clean & Healthy. 

Today we would like you to think about Handwashing.  Talk to someone at home about how our hands get dirty.  (for example: playing outside on the grass, touching a football or skateboard, touching a surface that hasn’t been cleaned) 

Think about these questions 

Is it okay to eat food when our hands are dirty?  What should we do? 


Design a poster about washing hands and why it is important 

Some Key learning points that will give you ideas about what to put on your poster 

  • Never eat with dirty hands!  
  • When we touch things, we pick up germs and spread them around. Some germs can make us feel unwell, from a cold to a tummy bug or worse.  
  • Washing our hands with clean, warm water and soap will kill off the germs and keep our hands clean. We should wash hands when they are dirty, but also:  
  • Before we eat or help prepare food   
  • After touching animals   
  • After using the toilet  
  • After we sneeze, cough or blow our noses 
  • Before AND after visiting someone who is unwell  

Here is an example of a Handwashing Poster

Here is an example of a Handwashing Poster


Monday 11th January

Good morning everyone, well done for all your work last week children and a big thank you to your parents for all the effort they have put in to your learning. I know it’s a difficult time at the moment, but I wanted to say how proud I am of you all. Keep it up.


This week in Maths we are going to revise the early stages of subtraction as we realised last weeks subtraction was a challenge for quite a few in year 1. 

You will need a dice and some objects for counting (this could be pencils, marbles or lego blocks)

Please don’t print out the subtraction square.  Just write down the subtraction equation and solve the answer by using a number line, which you can draw with a ruler. 

Extension activity: 

Try this activity if you complete the Maths above. 


You will complete your phonics lesson and complete the task below afterwards.

Mrs Pinchbeck/Mrs Millward and Mrs Goodyear’s English group 

L.O: To make a prediction based on what is already known. 

Look at the front cover of the book ‘Piece of Cake’. Think about the title and what can be seen on the picture. We are using this book to go with the healthy living topic and that it is important to keep our bodies healthy through a balanced diet and exercise. 

Ask your child to make a prediction about what might happen in the story? 

Writing activity: 

Draw the front cover of the book (you could always print it off if you wanted to) and to write some sentences about what they think might happen in the story. 


This week we are hearing the Bible story ‘Jairus’s daughter’ Please watch the video link below. 

Jairus’ Daughter – Animated Bible Story – YouTube 

LO: To know the story of the Jairus daughter. 

Think about the story you have just watched. Think about the Father might have felt in different parts of the story. 

Create two columns and write a list of feelings or sentences under each heading of how he may have felt in each part of the story. 


L.O: To use technology safely and respectfully, keeping personal information secure. 

Watch episode 3 of Hector’s World.  Keeping your personal information safe – Episode 3 – It’s a serious game discuss the importance of keeping our personal information safe.   Write down some ideas about how to keep information safe and who you can talk to if you feel unsafe on the internet. 


Friday 8th January

Good morning everyone, it has been great to see you all at our live lessons every day this week and also thank you to those who have e-mailed all your work to me by the end of the day. I am looking forward to seeing more each day from you all. 


Today you will learn how to subtract a 1-digit number from a ‘teen’ number. Please click on the link below: 

To use mathematical models and strategies for subtraction ( 

English / RE  

Talk about the Christmas gifts that you have received. Explore with your child the idea of gifts being given and received at Christmas as a reminder of the gifts that were brought to Jesus 

Why do you think the wise men wanted to give Jesus special gifts? 

L.O. To write a prayer expressing thoughts about the birth of Jesus. 


Write a prayer giving thanks for Jesus.  What do you really appreciate about Jesus? Why do you think he is so important? 


Throughout this half term the children will be naming and locating the seven continents and five oceans of the world and naming, locating and identifying the four countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom and its surrounding seas  

Today we will be learning about the seven continents in the world. Watch and join in with the teacher and complete the different tasks she asks you to do.  

Please click on the link below 

What is a continent? (

I have provided a map of the world sheet for your child to label if you wanted to print it off too.  See below


Click the link below for some Minecraft yoga (ask your grown-ups first). 

Minecraft | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! – Bing video 

Finally after an unusual week could you please complete the quiz below with your child. 


Thursday 7th January

Good morning everyone, it was lovely to see you at our live lesson yesterday and also thank you to those who e-mailed all your work to me at the end of the day. 

Here is our plan for the day
In the Morning we will do Maths, 9.15-10.15 Please see below for the links to your work and have a go before we see you for our live session at 10.45.
At 10.45 we will be doing a phonics session (like we did when the bubble closed) followed by some English work. This week our English work is linked to our RE unit. Details are below. 


Today you will learn how to subtract a 1-digit number from a ‘teen’ number. Please click on the link below: 

To use the ‘Make ten’ strategy to subtract a 1-digit number from a teen number (Part 2) (  


This will be a live session at 10:45 and again will begin with a short Speed Sounds lesson and then the writing after will link to our RE and will be a continuation of the Christmas story. Please use the Teams Link to access. 


You will be sequencing the story of the birth of Jesus beginning with the journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem and ending with the arrival of the Wise Men. 

You will need to draw your own pictures to retell the story and write either some key words or a simple sentence to show what is happening in each picture. 

Below is a link to give you some ideas of what could be drawn for each part of the story…


We will be using Oak Academy and the Key Stage 1 unit: Human Lifestyle 

Today you will be learning all about the different part of your body and their function. Please click on the link below to access lesson 1… 

What are the different parts of the human body? ( 


Wednesday 6th January

Here is our plan for the day;  


Maths- 9.15-10.15 Please see below for the links to your work and have a go before we see you at 10.45. 

English- 10.45 Please click the live session to join us and the work is below too. 


Art and story 1-2.50 



To use the ‘Make ten’ strategy to subtract a 1-digit number from a teen number (Part 1) ( 


During our live session we will do a phonics session and then you will be set some work.  The work is RE based as we are looking at The Christmas Story 

Read or watch the Christmas Story: The journey from Nazareth to the birth of Jesus in the stable at Bethlehem. What preparations would Mary and Joseph have made for the baby? Discuss how the journey was made. What alternative transport could they have used? What would they use today? Discuss the arrival in Bethlehem and why there was nowhere to stay.   


Write a list of the things Mary and Joseph would need for a journey and explain why

In the afternoon it is Art

Our topic this half term is Healthy Living. Today I would like you to have a go at drawing some fruit. 

Follow the instructions to draw the grapes and if you want to, you can add the funny faces. 

 You will need paper, a pencil, a green and a purple pencil crayon. 

Art Core: Overlapping – How To Draw Funny Grapes – #stayhome and draw #withme – Bing video