St Bernadette

Behaviour Reminders for Live Lessons

  1. Be on time for the lesson and join the meeting a minute before the specified time. 
  1. Ensure you have an adult with you for the session.  
  1. Join the meeting with your microphone muted and your camera on. 
  1. Don’t use the chat facility in Teams other than when you are instructed by a teacher or have a sensible question. 
  1. Use the hands up feature if you are told to. 
  1. Mute your microphone unless you are asked to contribute. 
  1. Never share the live lesson anywhere else. 
  1. Follow the Acceptable Use Policy. 
  1. Complete the quiz. 
  1. Be positive and contribute when asked. 

We have a class email for sending any queries to which will be monitored daily. It is Please feel free to send any work completed to this email address but also keep the work as it MUST be sent back in to school when we return.

Yoga Sessions Online

This can be a very worrying and stressful time for children, with lots of change happening all the time. It is extremely important that we nurture and care for the children’s mental health and well-being. Yoga has been proven to decrease stress levels, reduce anxiety and help with relaxation. Here are some website links to online Yoga sessions that your child could do at home. They are aimed at primary school children, and there are different lessons to choose from. We have used them in school before so your child may be familiar with them.

Yoga at School | Engaging all Children in Yoga | Primary School Yoga

Home – Cosmic Kids

Tuesday 26th January 2021

Good morning everyone. I hope you enjoyed your snow day and got chance to get outside for some fresh air. I look forward to seeing you on Teams at 10.45am Below you will find the lessons for the day.


Below is the link to today’s lesson. There is an additional task for everyone to do underneath as I feel that the lesson only allows for you to make one amount in different ways. Please complete the activity on screen and the additional questions that I have set. There is then a further reasoning and problem solving question for those that need it.


Today I would like you to complete a story plan for your invented story. I will demonstrate what this should look like during our live session. Below is a story plan if you want to print it and some ideas for characters/settings. Once you have completed your story plan there is a guided reading task and then you can complete your next RWI spelling unit which is Spelling the Vowel – u sound (u, o, ou).


LO – To understand that God is faithful and loves everyone. 

The Gospel tells us that Jesus did many extraordinary things. Can you recall as many as possible? What was extraordinary about them and why? Watch the videos below about the following miracles: Wedding Feast at Cana, Calming of the Storm and Healing of the Centurion’s Servant.  Make notes about what happens during each miracle whilst you are watching. What do we learn about Jesus from these miracles? 

Wedding Feast at Cana

Calming of the Storm

Healing of the Centurion’s Servant


Use a table to record findings about the miracles. Include the problem, what Jesus was doing, what he was asked to do, his actions, the outcome and how people reacted. 

RHE (Relationship Health Education) 

We are starting our new unit ‘Emotional Well-Being’ and today we are starting the session ‘Feelings, Likes and Dislikes’ 

Over the next few weeks we will be thinking about feelings in our head. The children will realise that we all have different feelings at different times, and different likes and dislikes too. We will take part in activities to help the children understand and articulate their own feelings and how other people’s feelings might differ from theirs. 

The theme of today’s session is ‘Likes and Dislikes’ and it is a discussion session. 

Look at the three images below and give a thumbs up whether you like or dislike them: 

Ice cream, Broccoli and Swimming.   

Ask the rest of your family.  Do some people in your family like the things/objects in the pictures and do some people dislike them? 

Talk together about how we all like and dislike different things and that is fine!  We are all different and we may or may not have the same likes and dislikes. 

Monday 25th January 2021 – SCHOOL CLOSED DUE TO THE WEATHER

Please see below the information sent out via ParentPay regarding the whole school closure.

Dear Parents and Carers,  

Due to the snow over the weekend and the forecast overnight of very low temperatures, St Thomas More will be closed tomorrow (Monday 25th January) to all pupils, including Key Worker and Vulnerable Children.  

We have consulted with the MAC site team and we would not be able to ensure that the site is fully safe for pupils to access by tomorrow morning. This would then impact on COVID regulations that we are currently having to enforce with regards to space and sharing of facilities i.e. single point of entry.  

Live lessons are also CANCELLED tomorrow (Monday). We strongly feel that a day away from a screen and enjoying time outdoors safely would benefit pupil wellbeing. We would love for you to share photos of how you have spent the outdoor time e.g. building snowmen, sledging, snow angels etc. and any pictures or written work that you produce via the class emails. Email addresses can be found on the “Remote Learning” page of our website:   

There is no expectation for children to complete school work tomorrow due to the disruption caused by the weather as we know that other school closures have an impact on our staff and families alike. 

We are hoping to resume live lessons and to have Key Worker and Vulnerable Children on site from Tuesday. However, please check your emails and our social media sites. 

Should you need to inform us of isolating or positive COVID tests, please use this mobile: 07436 816 015.

Stay safe and God bless,  

Miss Teresita Moriani  

Head Teacher  

Friday 22nd January 2021

Please could any parents who have not given permission for their child to access Spelling Shed, do so today so that your child can access the website from Monday. This will be a part of your child’s remote learning and is a fun and engaging way for them to improve their spelling. Please access the link via the message sent in Parent Pay.

It’s Friday again which means we would like the children to complete the quiz below (the one for their year group). Thank you.


LO: To count money in a set of coins.


LO: To innovate a story.

Today you will be writing your innovated version of the ‘Piece of Cake’ story. We will talk about how to do it during our Teams session. Below you will find your guided reading task. After you have completed your story and guided reading activity, please complete the next RWI Spelling unit which is Spell the Vowel – o sound (o, a).


Click the link below for a Key Stage 1 dance challenge. It is only a short video but that allows you to play it back and have a practise of the steps. The teachers can’t wait to have a go at this in school.


In this lesson, we will be learning about the importance of our oceans. They are a huge part of our planet and we need to look after them. We will be gaining more understanding of the size of the oceans and how important they are to life on Earth.

Thursday 21st January 2021

Morning everyone, I will see you on Teams at 10.45am. Thank you to everyone that continues to send their work in by email. It’s lovely to see how you are getting on.


LO: To compare the value of coins.

Click the link below for today’s lesson and the extension task is underneath. When completing the extension tasks it is important that the questions are answered in full sentences. They are reasoning and/or problem solving questions so they are designed to extend your child’s thinking. In order to show full understanding they must answer with a full explanation especially how they know or think what they do. Today’s extension involves an explain your answer question and a question which involves making the same amount of money in different ways.


Below you will find information about today’s English activity and the guided reading task. Afterwards please complete the next year 2 RWI spelling lesson on Oxford Owl which is Spell the Vowel – i (i,y).


LO: To explore different ways to use the voice.


Wednesday 20th January 2021

Morning St Bernadette class. I will see you on Teams at 10.45am. Below are your lessons for today.


LO: To recognise the value of different coins.

Click the link for the next maths lesson and there is an extension task underneath.


LO: To choose appropriate conjunctions.

Click below for instructions for today’s English lesson. Underneath you will find your guided reading task. Once you have done that please complete the next RWI spelling unit which is Spell the Vowel – e sound (e, ea).


Lesson 2 –

You will need- Paper, a pencil, rubber and a sharpener 

LO: To begin to create different effects using outlines, edges and shading.

Watch the video and practise the different techniques, thinking about how you are holding your pencil. You can pause the video at any time to give you more time to practise. We would love to see your work, so remember to send it to us. 


Chance to Shine (recommended by Worcestershire County Cricket) have decided to try offering schools a live streamed Chance to Shine session once per week. The first session ‘Cricket Taster’ was run last week, and they will be delivering a further 6 weeks of Chance to Shine sessions live streamed on their YouTube channel. The next session is called ‘Cool Catcher’ and will be delivered today at 2-2.45PM. If you can’t join live, the session will be available to view immediately afterwards on the same link.

This session will support children to improve their throwing and catching skills and help them to track an object in flight. The session will be led by Chance to Shine coaches and is suitable for children at home or at school to take part in. The sessions can be accessed by pupils of all ages and coaches will explain how to differentiate the activities during the session.  

The activities can be completed indoors and children will need to find some items to use in the session. To take part you will need: 

A ball or a rolled-up pair of socks.

A wall to rebound the ball off, with enough space around (2 metres) to complete the activity safely. 

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Morning everyone, thank you for joining me on Teams yesterday. I apologise that some of you did not have the Espresso log on yesterday to complete the coding lesson. The log in will be sent this week via ParentPay. Apologies for the confusion. You will also have been sent a ParentPay email today about signing up for Spelling Shed. Consent needs to be given by Friday if you want your child to have a log in for home access. Below are the lessons for today.


We are now going to spend the next two weeks completing lessons about money. Money is a notoriously tricky concept for young children to grasp so it would really help if you could show your child the coins and notes that we have in UK currency. Below is a link to today’s maths lesson on money. There is an extension task underneath for those who who need it.


During our Teams session today you will be learning about pronouns. Below is your English activity to complete and your guided reading activity. Once they are completed please do the next unit of RWI spelling on Oxford Owl which is Spell the Vowel – a sound.

RHE (Relationship Health Education)

We are continuing the unit ‘Me, my body, my health’ and we are still focusing on being clean & healthy.  

Today we would like you to think about teeth brushing.  Talk to someone at home about how our teeth get dirty but often look clean!  

Talk about how sometimes our teeth feel fuzzy. The ‘fuzzy’ feeling is plaque, which can cause cavities (holes), toothache, gum disease and even our teeth to fall out!  

• Brushing properly removes plaque and freshens our breath.  


Design a poster about why it is important to brush our teeth


LO: To understand that Jesus taught his disciples through parables. 

Recap yesterday’s story and watch the video again.  Today I would like you to write a summary of the parable, e.g. what happened, how did the man who gave the talents (coins) feel?  Why is it important not to waste the gifts and talents that God has given to us?  Explain how you can show you serve God by using your talents.


Monday 18th January 2021

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you at 10.45am on Teams. Today’s lessons are below.


Today will be our final lesson from the addition and subtraction unit using knowledge of near doubles. On Tuesday we will move on to work on money. Underneath the link is an extension task for those that need it.


Today we will look at the innovated ‘A Piece of Cake’ text. I have uploaded it below for you to practise. Please have it either on your screen or printed off for the lesson. We will read through it and then you will story map it to help you to learn the story. Afterwards there is a guided reading activity to complete. Once you have done your story map and guided reading activity, please complete the next RWI spelling unit on Oxford Owl. The next unit is Spell the Root-Year 2.


LO: To learn that programs execute by following clear instructions and understand that programs respond to inputs to do different things. 

In Computing today you will be using Espresso Coding (which many of you have used in school already).   

You will need the username and password which was sent via Parent Pay.  (We will tell you it in the teams session on Monday too). 

You will also need this guide to help set it up. Mrs Humphries has created a step by step guide to access this programme. 

Start on level 1 and complete: Under the Sea and Royal Chase.  If you complete these you can move on to Transport on the Go and Another Planet.


LO: To understand that Jesus taught his disciples through parables. 

Read the Parable of the Talents from the bible if you have one or watch the video below. Identify the feelings of the man who gave the talents (coins) when he realised some were not being used. What do you think is the message in this parable? What talents do you think you have? How could you use them? In what way could you serve God by using your talents.


Today I would like you to write praise and thanks prayers for the gifts you have been given.  What are you good at?  What is your talent? (e.g. I am good at maths and I help my friends if they get stuck, my talent is being helpful and I always help my parents around the house, my talent is being funny and I use my talent to cheer people up).  Write a prayer to say thank you for your talents.