Curriculum Overview

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To nurture and develop well rounded positive, responsible and caring individuals.

  • To make learning fun and give children opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills in order to achieve their full potential.
  • To enable children to work cooperatively with others, develop their independence and foster their creativity.

In order to achieve the above we need to ensure children:
Have firm foundations of basic skills which they can use and apply.

  • Have a broad range of exciting and creative opportunities to discover and nurture their individual talents.
  • Develop a set of core Christian values.
  • Have access and opportunity to achieve their full potential, whilst developing their sense of uniqueness, confidence and self- worth.
  • Develop their awareness of caring for their surrounding environment and the wider world.
  • Appreciate and value the contributions made by all ethnic groups in our multi – cultural society.

St Thomas More Catholic First School’s curriculum encompasses the following:
The National Curriculum core and foundation subjects, which are brought to life through an engaging, inspiring and creative curriculum based on the Cornerstones scheme.

  • RE (which is delivered through the “Learning and growing as the children of God”, Personal Social Health Education, (PSHE) and Citizenship.
  • A programme of enrichment and extra curricula activities which include creative and physical opportunities. For example: music tuition, sports coaching, arts and crafts, foreign language.

Our Catholic faith is at the heart of everything we teach, believe and celebrate. So that we are learning, loving and living together with Christ.

Cornerstones Curriculum
At St Thomas More, we believe in creating a stimulating environment that allows children to learn in a way that motivates and interests them through inspirational learning activities and high-quality teaching.

Our creative curriculum revolves around the Cornerstones Curriculum. The Cornerstones Curriculum has developed support materials for schools to provide a variety of Imaginative Learning Projects. Each project is split into sections, which see children progress through four stages of learning: Engage, Develop, Innovate, Express.

At the ‘Engage’ stage, children:

  • gain memorable first-hand experiences, such as going on a visit or inviting a special visitor into school
  • enjoy ‘WOW’ experiences
  • get an exciting introduction to a topic or theme
  • begin researching and setting enquiry questions
  • get lots of opportunities to make observations
  • develop spoken language skills
  • take part in sensory activities
  • have lots of fun to fully ‘engage’ with their new topic.

At the ‘Develop’ stage, children:

  • improve their knowledge and understanding of the topic
  • develop and practice their new skills
  • compose, make, do, build, investigate, explore, write for different purposes and read across the curriculum
  • research their own questions and those set by others
  • follow new pathways of enquiry based on their interests
  • complete homework activities that support their learning.

At the ‘Innovate’ stage, children:

  • apply skills, knowledge and understanding in real-life contexts
  • solve real or imagined problems using everything they’ve learnt
  • get inspired by imaginative and creative opportunities
  • revisit anything not fully grasped at the ‘Develop’ stage.

At the ‘Express’ stage, children:

  • become the performers, experts and informers
  • share their achievements with parents, classmates and the community
  • evaluate finished products and processes
  • link what they have learnt to where they started
  • celebrate their achievements!

At St Thomas More we carefully select inspiring, engaging and exciting topics from the Cornerstones Curriculum that involve a range of different contexts.

We strive to involve all children in their learning through regular ‘pupil conferencing’ discussions and adapt topics according to their input.

We value the help, support and skills that our parents contribute to delivering our creative curriculum.

Medium Term Plans:

Summer 1 2019 – April and May

Reception – How-does-your-garden-grow-REC.

Year 1 St Faustina – Land Ahoy

Year 1 St Thomas – Land Ahoy

Year 2 St Thomas – Land Ahoy

Year 2 St Bernadette – Land Ahoy


Spring 1 2019 – January and February

Reception – Spring 1 Once upon a time Curriculum Map – MTP

KS1 – Year 1 – MTP Spring 1 Healthy living Yr1 Final

KS1 – Year 2 – MTP Spring 1 Healthy living Yr2 Final

KS2 – MTP Spring 1 KS2 Attack of the Robots Final

Autumn 2 2018 – November and December

Reception – MTP Autumn 2 Rec Long, long ago

KS1 – Year 1: MTP Autumn 2 Y1 Light and Dark

KS1 – Year 2: MTP Autumn 2 Y2 Light and Dark

KS2 – MTP Autumn 2 KS2 I Am Warrior (1)

Autumn 1 2018 – September and October

Reception – MTP Autumn 1 Rec Goldilocks and The Three Bears

KS1 – Year 1:  MTP Autumn 1 Y1 Bright Lights, Big City

KS1 – Year 2: MTP Autumn 1 Y2 Bright Lights, Big City

KS2 – MTP Autumn 1 KS2 Scrumdiddlyumptious

The KS2 is not separated into year groups as the National Curriculum has End of Key Stage expectations for foundation subjects.

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