Religious Education

We aim to follow Jesus by growing closer to God through prayer and worship, showing respect, love and care for everyone and everything. We give of our best in all things, sharing fully in the Catholic Life of the school and beyond.

Religious Education is an integral part of our school life. Children are taught RE for 2 hours each week. Our RE curriculum ensures that children empathise with different faiths and beliefs. Children learn about their own and other cultures and how their lives are similar and different. Children are encouraged to celebrate difference and diversity and are tolerant to each other’s beliefs. The RE curriculum is supported by visiting speakers and a visit to church. RE is covered as a discrete subject and in each unit key vocabulary is taught. The children are also involved in regular Masses at school.

The Diocesan RE syllabus is followed, ‘Learning and Growing as the People of God’, which covers ‘The Liturgical Year’, ‘The Sacraments’, ‘Scripture’ and ‘Living as Christians’. We aim to foster a child’s personal relationship with God and show them how they can create a better world by their faith in the risen Jesus and by following the Gospel Values.

The children will develop their knowledge of Catholic life and faith. They will develop their awareness of Catholic beliefs and an understanding of how learning about their faith impacts on how they live their life. The children will learn to apply core skills to enable them to express their understanding of their faith and to think critically, spiritually and theologically while making informed judgments. They will develop appropriate attitudes such as respect for truth and the views of others, and develop moral responsibilities and responses to the challenge of living in a multicultural, multi-faith society.

When they are in Year 3 Catholic children are prepared for their First Holy Communion and the RE syllabus strongly supports our programme of Sacramental preparation for First Reconciliation and Communion. This programme runs from November to June with parents, school and parish all having an input. During this period meetings for parents and children are held regularly at school and four special celebrations are arranged at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church as a preparation for First Holy Communion Day in June. These meetings and Masses are led by our school Chaplain.

Collective Worship

Liturgy and prayer are an integral part of school life. The provision for prayer and liturgy alongside our curriculum promotes our Catholic faith.

There is whole school, key stage or class collective worship every day. These enable us to present themes and ideas to larger groups of children, which draws us together in understanding and agreeing common goals. Children play an active part in leading and participating in our worship. Visiting speakers are also invited from time to time covering a wide variety of topical, local and international issues.

We have fortnightly Masses on a Monday, led by our school Chaplain Father Tony Rohan who is the Parish Priest at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church and parents and parishioners are welcome to attend. We also have Masses on special feast days such as Ash Wednesday.

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

As part of the school’s Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) resources, the governors have approved the RSE resource ‘A Journey in Love’.  This is a programme of 4 separate lessons covering physical, social, emotional and spiritual growth used by many Catholic schools across the country.

The school will focus have a focus week in the second half of the summer term where the resource, ‘A Journey in Love’, will be used.

The school’s Sex and Relationship Policy is also accessible by clicking here

RSE Policy

OFSTED Section 48 RE Inspection Report June 2019