Pre School Consultation

Pre School Consultation

St Thomas More Catholic First School is currently a school for pupils aged 4 to 9.  From September 2021 the school wishes to incorporate a Pre School, onsite within the Early Years’ provision.  The Pre School would run for 38 weeks per year, in line with the school’s academic term times.  Sessions would be 8:45am – 11:45am, and 12:15pm – 3:15pm.  An optional lunchtime club would also be available 11:45am – 12:15pm. 

The school strives to provide a Catholic education that inspires learning and growth both academically and spiritually.  The aim is to continually improve and develop our school for the community it serves and we believe incorporating a Pre School will aid us in our mission to provide this.  We wish to enhance the Early Years’ environment by incorporating links between the proposed Pre School and Reception Class to inspire this learning and growth.

We appreciate that you may have questions on the proposal and have tried to answer some of these below: 


St Thomas More Catholic First School would like to provide a provision for 3 year olds that includes a curriculum that will aid in preparing the children for their start in Reception Class the following year. The aim is to educate, nurture and support these young children from our community, in order to facilitate the best start in their Catholic education journey.

We are keen to understand the views of our local community and so, as per best practice recommended by the Department for Education (DfE), we have incorporated a period of consultation into the decision making process. The consultation will run from Friday 12th February to Friday 12th March 2021.

Yes, the Local Governing Body, Board of Directors, Head Teacher and Staff at St Thomas More Catholic First School positively support the proposal. They believe it would benefit the local community and be a positive addition to the life and inclusive ethos of the school.

No. The School plans to resource the Pre School within the current building space, and there is currently no expectation of any external building work to facilitate the opening of the Pre School in September 2021. 

No. Current admission arrangements to the school will remain unchanged and will not be affected by admission to the Pre School. Please see Worcestershire County Council’s website for specific criteria for school admissions.

Responses will be received throughout the consultation period, which ends Friday 12th March 2021. These will be evaluated and the school will publish the outcomes on the website.

Next steps...

The consultation period is from 12th February to 12th March 2021. You can provide your response to the consultation on the forms below.