Nurture Group

Hello Nurture group, we will see you at 1.15pm on Teams every school day for a short session.

We have a class email for send your your work to. The email is 

Things you may need for our sessions you will find here.

Please ensure that you keep all work completed whilst you are working from home and bring it in to school when we are back after lockdown. 

Monday 22nd February

We hope you have had a nice week over half term. Mrs Mclaughlin and I are looking forward to see you all.

Today we are looking at the importance of having time to relax, here are a few techniques to try.

Friday 29th January

Today Mrs McLaughlin will be reading us a story.

Maybe at some point either today or over the weekend you could take the family out on a senses hunt, and use all of your senses we have looked at this week.

Thursday 28th January

Today we are looking at our sense of taste and sense of hearing.

Todays experiments

Wednesday 27th January

Today we will be looking at our sense of touch and sense of smell.

We hope you enjoyed yesterdays little sight experiment.

Your tasks to complete today

Tuesday 26th January

This week we are looking at our bodies and in particular our five senses.

Your task for today is to complete this little experiment.

We have enjoyed seeing you this week over Teams and thank you for qyour hard work. Remember you can email it to us at

Monday 25th January

School closed.

We look forward to seeing you next week. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Thursday 21st January

How many cities of the UK can you name?

Play the game on the link below to check your knowledge of what we have learnt this week.

Wednesday 20th January

Today we are looking at Oceans.

Tuesday 19th January.

Tuesday 12th January, for this session you may want to use this template of a lunchbox.

Monday 18th January

This week we are looking at the maps of the world and to start us off we will be seeing where some of our fruit comes from. For todays activity you will need to have a look at this map.

Monday 11th January

You may want to use this for Monday 11th January’s session.