Monday – St Teresa

Monday 22nd February 2021

Year 3 Maths

L.O: To use bar models to represent word problems.

This lesson explores the most appropriate bar-models to answer different types of multiplication and division questions.

Using bar models to represent word problems (

Year 4 Maths

L.O: To use short division.

In today’s lesson, we will be exploring how to use the short division algorithm with regrouping in one place value column.

Short division (Part 1) (

Year 3 English

L.O: To write a narrative.

Today, we would like you to write a story. This can be to retell a story that you know or to make up your own story. Please email your story to your class email.

Year 4 English

L.O: To engage with a poem.

In this lesson, we will learn a little bit about the poet, before reading the poem aloud and identifying all the nonsense words. We will play a true or false game and order the key moments in the story.

To engage with the poem (


Please log into Oxford Owl and complete the unit ‘Spell the Vowel – i sound (i, y)’

Pupil Home (

Guided Reading

We are starting a new book altogether. Please look at the document for your Guided Reading activity.


Think about what makes a good friend. If you were writing a recipe to make a good friend, what ingredients would you use? Write qualities of a friend on the ‘Friendship Cake’:

Year 3 RE

L.O: To reflect on the importance of change. 

Think about Lent. During Lent, we prepare for Easter. You may give something up for Lent…like chocolate or fizzy drinks, or you may do something else during Lent – like help a charity. Lent is a time for change and to help those in need. Have a discussion at home about what you could do or are doing during Lent.


Write a prayer to show a desire to change and also help those in need 

Challenge Questions: 

Why is Lent important? 

Why do Christians give up something during Lent?  Why is this important? 

How can we help during the season of Lent? 

Year 4 RE

LO: To respond to questions about your experiences 

Watch the story of the temptations of Jesus. The Temptation of Jesus – YouTube

Why was Jesus in the desert in the first place? What had just happened to him before this episode in his life? Recall the three things the devil asked Jesus to do. What was Jesus’ response on each occasion? Why do you think these three things were chosen to tempt Jesus? 

Jesus was as human as you and me, and yet at the same time he was God’s son. Do you really think it was difficult for him to say no to the devil? Why do you think it might have been difficult?  

Brainstorm the word ‘temptation’ and create a mind map of associated words. 

What is it like when you are tempted to do something you shouldn’t? How can we tell the difference between doing something that is right or wrong? How can we resist the things that are wrong?