Monday St Faustina Class

Please remember on THURSDAY to click the teams link for your class and not English group. It is World book Day and your live session is with your class teacher. Please dress as your favourite character from a book. You can wear a t-shirt or even pyjamas with that character on. PLEASE DO NOT buy something especially for Thursday.

Monday 1st March 2021


LO To recognise and describe repeating patterns

To recognise and describe repeating patterns (


LO: To use our Fred Fingers to help us to write sentences.

Writing activity:

Children to create a list of reasons why Kevin should leave his tree e.g. He can join in with games.

These can be written as simple sentences in list style (i.e. numbered or bullet-pointed)

Reasons-example Download


Year 1 LO To reflect on the words of Jesus and link them to how we act.

Reflect with the children on what it means to love somebody. Children to think of family experiences when love is shown to them or experiences of love and care shown in school. Explain to the children that Lent is a time when we try and show love and care by doing more to help those in real need. What did Jesus mean when he said, ‘Love one another as I have loved you?’ In what ways do we experience the love and care of Jesus? Explore the idea of a Lent fast day, when we give up something and share the money we have saved with those who are very poor or in need.


Write Lenten promises based around the words of Jesus to love one another and to explain why they have chosen this particular promise for Lent.

Below is a promise I have written

During Lent I promise to always give time to my family and friends.  I will show them how much they mean to me by stopping, listening and giving them my time and attention. I will use your example of ‘Love one another as I have loved you’ to guide me to make the right choice.


LO Learn that programs execute by following clear instructions and understand that programs respond to inputs to do different things.

In Computing today you will continue to use Espresso Coding

You will need the username and password which was sent via Parent Pay (please ask in live session if you need it and we can share it again with you all).

You will also need this guide to help set it up. 


Please ensure you have completed Level 1 and 2 before starting Level 3 today.  Start with ‘Stepping through Space’ and move onto ‘Snail vs spider’

Click this link to access Espresso Coding: