Monday St Bernadette Class

Monday 5th July 2021

Morning everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend. Unfortunately we are back to remote learning for a week but I know you will all do your absolute best. Live lessons will start from tomorrow (6th) with maths being at 9.30am and English at 10.45am. I hope to see as many of you as possible on the live lessons. For today, please click on the links below and complete as many activities as you are able to.

Like last time, if you want to send your work in to show me or your grown-ups have any questions, please email the class email address


As we were due to start our unit of work on time this week, I have decided to carry on with that plan and below there are two lessons to complete before the live lessons start on Tuesday.

LO: To know the number of hours in a day.

LO: To know there are 60 minutes in one hour.


LO: To retell a story.

As I have the Meerkat Mail book at home with me, we will do some writing activities this week based around that book. For today’s lesson, please watch the Youtube link below to see the Meerkat Mail story being told and then for your task I would like you to create a story map of the story. You can stop the story as many times as you like to help you to remember. If you can’t think of a picture to draw you can use words but not too many. Remember you don’t have to draw a picture for every single word, think about how Miss Nurse and I do it in school.

Once you have finished your story map, you could read one of your books on Bug Club.


See what you can create using Scratch.

Alternatively, as we have been doing digital art in school, you may wish to use word to create a picture on your computer. You could use different colours and shapes to see what you can create. I know some of you have the Paint app at home so you could create something on that instead if you’d like to. I’d love to see what you manage to do.


Today I would like you to create a timeline of your life, starting at your birth. We have done timelines at school (we did one for the events of the Great Fire of London in history, for events of Jesus’ life in RE and there is a history timeline up in the classroom by the English board).

Think about the memorable things that have happened in your life and place them on a timeline. You can just draw pictures or you can write words too. Your timeline must start with your birth on the left of the timeline and end with today on the right, so you may want to write today’s date and draw a picture of yourself now.

Some of the events you may wish to include could be: first day at nursery/pre-school/school, first holiday, a sibling/s being born, first time riding a bike, first sleepover, starting sports lessons like dancing/football/swimming, first trip to the cinema, being in a school play, lockdown and being off school. It is up to you how many events you include. If your timeline is very long you may need to use a few pieces of paper or one big piece! You can show them to me on Tuesday in our live sessions.