St Francis – Summer 2 End of term

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The end of term has come around so quickly!

This term we have focused on ‘Under the Sea’ as our topic. The children have really enjoyed this topic and finding out lots of new interesting facts. We have also looked at ‘Please Mr Magic Fish’ as our focus book to base our writing on. But we have been reading other sea books both non-fiction and fiction to expand our knowledge. We have been very creative this topic and have made lots of wonderful things and pictures all about under the sea and have thoroughly loved the beach role-play.

In Mathematics we have focused on lots of topics to allow the children to have a broader and wider understanding of number and numerical patterns. We have looked at subtraction, halving and sharing, odds and evens, numbers to 20 and we have consolidated our understanding of number bonds within 5 and 10.

I have had a fantastic time teaching St Francis class and have enjoyed my time at St Thomas More. This class have been amazing and have worked very hard. They have been a pleasure to teach and I will miss teaching them.

I hope all the children in St Francis class have an amazing, relaxing and safe summer holiday and I wish them every success in Year 1.

Stay safe and have fun,

Miss Pearce, Miss Casey and Mrs Armstrong

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