St John Bosco – W/C 10.01.22

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In English, the children have been recognising pronouns and tense language and from this writing a diary entry based on a character from the book “Egyptian Cinderella”.

EdShed is available to help build on their spelling that they have learned from this week also.

In Maths, they have started to look at multiplication and division with 10’s and 100’s.

Timestable rockstars and topmarks is recommended to support with their timetables!

Multiplication Tables Check – Mathsframe (This will help with their multiplication check at the end of Year 4).

In RE, they have been creating their own psalm as well understanding the uses of the chrism oil and how they can change people’s lives.

In Science, the children have been assessing and identifying different types of rocks and whether they are natural and man made. They also discovered how these rocks were formed and their uses.

In Geography, they have been labelling different places as well as mountains within Europe, using an atlas. They really enjoyed this activity!

Certificates: For hand writer of the week this award went to Megan, and for spelling of the week this award went to Eva. The values and virtues award went to Joshua for settling back into class really well and always asking questions based on his curiosity and giving insightful facts about different subjects. And sharing this with the class. (curious and active) Well done!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Allbutt

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