St Faustina week beginning 10th January 2022

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We have had another great week in year 1. On Tuesday we were still able to do some outdoor learning and took part in our first orienteering lesson. We will continue with orienteering on a Tuesday afternoon until the forest area has been sorted, so please continue to wear outdoor PE kit and ensure your child has wellingtons in school.

Below are some photos of the children orienteering with their maps and completed the checklist.

The children have been using the book ‘Barker’ from our RWI collection as a prompt for writing sentences with the correct punctuation. We also talked about the pronoun ‘he’ and how it can be used to avoid using the name of the character repeatedly. The children are trying very hard to add interest to their sentences by using words ‘and’ and ‘but’ to extend their writing.

In Maths we are learning to subtract and have been using partitioning as a strategy to help with this. The children have now learnt to identify the ‘whole’ as the largest number. They have then used this knowledge to subtract one part from the whole in order to find the answer.

In History the children are really enjoying learning all about the first landings on the moon. They know that Neil Armstrong is famous for being the first man to step on the moon as part of the Apollo 11 space mission. It has been lovely seeing some of the children access the topic books in our reading area in order to find out more!

Finally. congratulations to Carmina and Julian who have both received certificates for being ‘Curious and Active’ as part of our Virtues and Values assembly. Well done.

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