St John Bosco – W/C 06.12.21

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In English, the children continue to rehearse the story map daily. They have been completing their inventions this week about a setting that they have been too. They have really enjoyed discussing where they have been and what senses link to those settings.

EdShed is available to help build on their spelling that they have learned from this week also. Spellihg homework will be going out next week to help prepare them for their weekly spelling tests that will happen once a week after the Christmas holidays.

In Maths, they have continued to explore length by recapping prior knowledge of their conversions between metre, centimetres and millimetres. They have also completed arithmetic and test papers in Maths.

Timestable rockstars and topmarks is recommended to support with their timetables! If they don’t know their password please ask!

Multiplication Tables Check – Mathsframe (This will help with their multiplication check at the end of Year 4).

In RE, they have been answering different questions linked to their unit of advent.

In art, they have evaluated their designs also. In addition to this, they have been having lots of singing and hymn practices. This they have really enjoyed.

Certificates: For hand writer of the week this award went to Elijah, and for spelling of the week this award went to Piotr. The values and virtues award went to Daisy for making the right choices and always trying her best to set a good example to others (learned and wise). Well done!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Allbutt

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