St Bernadette Week 4 and 5

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The children have continued to work hard in all lessons and the Christmas play practise is in full swing. Year 2 are singing and they sound beautiful.

In English, the children have been learning about the different types of conjunctions and have applied these in their writing. They wrote a diary entry in the role of Tom from our Winter’s Child story and explained what kind of day he had had. They also learned about prepositions and used pictures from the story to write prepositional phrases.

They have also innovated their story map and changed parts of the setting description. Next week they are writing their own invented setting description using all of the skills they have learned during this half term.

In maths, the children are still learning how to add in different ways. They have learned the column method, added 3 or more 1 digit numbers by identifying number bonds, used number lines to add by bridging to the nearest multiple of 10 and began to look at mental methods of addition. Next week they will begin to explore subtraction and this will continue in the new year. The children have also completed the year 1 and 2 mental maths tests again. I am pleased to see that scores have increased but I will also send them home so they can continue to practise.

In science, the children have been investigating ways in which they can save energy. They saw a video with lots of examples of energy being wasted in another classroom and thought about what could be done to improve this.

Well done to all of the children for taking part in our first class mass on Monday. In fact, it was the first time the children had ever led a class mass as they didn’t have the opportunity to do so in reception or year 1. An extra well done to all of our readers, especially the ones who had very little time to practise their reading.

Congratulations to all of our recent award winners:

Jerome and Nicola who received awards in awards assembly.

Joshua for being this weeks star of the week.

Jerome for being speller of the week.

Klaudia for being learned and wise and receiving a virtues and values award.

We said goodbye to Miss Nurse this week who has started a new role within the NHS. She was extremely grateful for all of the gifts, cards and pictures that the children gave to her. I am sure she will keep in touch with us.

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