St Thomas class

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What a busy half term we have had so far. We began with an unusual visitor that left white footprints all over the carpet. The children investigated where they had come from. We received a letter from the visitor asking who they thought the footprints belonged to. It turns out it was from the character in our class story book.

The children finally completed their moon buggies and they look great.

Moving on from that we have started a new art topic, where we are learning to colour mix paints, apply sketching skills and also to blend with pastels.

The children have enjoyed using the atlases and finding out where some countries and continents are in the world. We are learning about Climate change in Science and Geography and will be thinking of ways we can help the environment too.

In English we have learnt to write using the conjunctions, ‘if, and, or, because, when, that, and but’ For example:You can go outside, if it stops raining. The bird flew away, because a cat was in the tree.

The children have also learning about prepositional phrases. For example:

The fluffy cat is stuck in the tree. The dog is between the table and the chair.

In Maths have been learning about addition and how to use different strategies and calculations. The children have written facts families and made links between the number bonds for 10, 20 and 100.

Today we have begun to put up our Christmas tree and changed our class prayer area to purple, to get ready for Advent.

Also a big well done to all those who have received awards over the last few weeks.