St John Bosco – W/C 15.11.21

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In English, the children have been using the story map to write an imitation of the book “How to live forever”. They practiced reading this aloud with actions, to their partner within the class, to help remember the story.

EdShed is available to help build on their spelling that they have learned from this week also.

In Maths, they have been consolidating subtraction of 4-digit numbers with exchange and understand the inverse between addition and subtraction. This has helped them to check their answers.

Timestable rockstars and topmarks is recommended to support with their timetables!

listened to the story of Moses. From this, they created an account talking about their experience from the point of view of an Israelite.

In Science, the children have been continuing to learn about sound. They used videos and discussions to help their understanding of sound. Additionally, they have been discussing and labelling parts of the ear to help understand how we hear sound.

In art, they have really enjoyed creating models of their designed sarcophagus using plasticine.

Certificates: For hand writer of the week this award went to Livia, and for spelling of the week this award went to Evelyn. The values and virtues award went to Eva for always using prior knowledge to progress and improve with her learning, and always being a role model (learned and wise). Well done!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Allbutt

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