St Francis – Try Something New Day

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As part of our Try Something New Day, we celebrated Black History Month. We studied a famous artist called Frank Bowling who uses different equipment to paint with.

In the style of Frank Bowling, we picked bright colours to use for our creation.

Similar to Frank Bowling, rather than use paintbrushes, we experimented with using containers to pour and tip the paint onto the paper.

We then talked about how Frank moves the paint around the paper by tipping it. We experimented with this process.

Like Frank Bowling, we then chose meaningful objects from around the classroom that tells ‘our story’. Things included ‘a special picture from my friend’ and ‘a snake. I love playing with the snake’. We each chose a special place to position our favourite things.

After break, we listened to the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We identified all the different fruits that she collected along the way. We then sampled different fruits from around the world. These included pomegranate, avocado, watermelon and mango.