Week 6 – St John Bosco

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Yet another busy full week in St John Bosco!

In English the children have been planning an invention for a character description based on the structure of the original story map. They really have enjoyed creating or using their own character to talk about. They have started to think about using the structure to include their character description toolkit.

In RE, the children continued to learn about the story of Joseph, with regards to his behaviour, the importance of valuing others talents and what jealousy teaches us.

In Science, the children researched the difference between opaque, translucent and transparent materials. They sorted these into tables.

In history, they have been creating a leaflet based on Egyptian Pyramids, which highlights their uses, the date built – thinking about the timeline and interesting facts about this.

Certificates: For hand writer of the week this award went to Szymon, and for spelling of the week this award went to Grace. The values and virtues award went to Harry, for always being eloquent and asking for help.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Allbutt

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