St Bernadette Week 5 and 6

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The last two weeks have flown by and it is hard to believe we have nearly completed a whole half term in year 2. In English, the children have been busy learning about similes, practising writing using their new knowledge of expanded noun phrases, using commas to list items and using commas to list three things to describe someone. They created their own innovated version of the character description about the Hoctopize and their ideas were really good. They have done a spelling test which tests their knowledge of key spellings from year 1 and 2. I will send the scores home so you know which words your child needs to practise.

In maths, the children have been comparing numbers, ordering numbers, using place value charts, partitioning 2 or 3 digit numbers and counting in twos and fives. They have also completed mental maths tests which, like the spelling test, tests their knowledge of year 1 and 2 concepts. Again, I will send these home so you know which areas to work on at home if you wish to.

In science, the children have continued to think about the suitability of materials for different purposes and in history the children have been writing their own fact files about Neil Armstrong.

We are going to attempt to finish our moon buggies next week, they are taking a little longer than we anticipated as they are rather fiddly. We are all excited to see the finished designs though!

Congratulations to all of our award winners.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Mrs Churchill and Miss Nurse

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