St Thomas class activities from last week

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Another week has flown by, the children have been great again this week. They have been learning about making their writing more interesting by using adjectives and similes. In maths we have been adding and subtracting 10 and multiples of ten to and from any number.
The children know:

When we have 10 more or less , the tens digit changes but the ones digit stays the same. 

They have begun to create their moon buggies this week too. Thank you to those who sent in boxes and things to make them, also your children have been so kind and shared the rest of their materials with the other children.

We had great fun assembling the vehicles, by turning boxes inside out, so they are easy to paint and decorate. They have all created the chassis and cab for their moon buggies and we will be decorating and adding the wheels next week too. 

The children came up with some great ideas in Science when we looked at the suitability of different materials and their everyday uses. We talked about materials being transparent, opaque and translucent too. 

The children have also been learning the spelling rule for adding the suffix -y and when to double the last letter. 

‘If there is a short vowel sound before the last consonant then the final letter should be doubled.’

For example 

Run – runny 

This is doubled because the letter ‘u’ is a short sound as in umbrella.