St Bernadette Week 4

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The children have been working very hard again this week. In English, the children practised writing using expanded noun phrases, they designed a lost poster pretending they were the owner of one of the lost toys and they learned what similes are and wrote sentences containing them.

In maths, the children placed numbers on either a blank number line or a number line with some increments included. This was a bit tricky so we spent a few days practising this. The children compared numbers using the greater than, less than and equals symbols and they partitioned two digit numbers into tens and ones.

In history, the children made a timeline showing the key events in the life of Neil Armstrong and in art they created some beautiful space pictures using chalk.

Congratulations to our award winners this week:

Phoebe – for demonstrating that she is eloquent and truthful by always saying and doing the right thing.

Leon – for being the star of the week.

Oliver – for being the speller of the week.

Fabian – for being the handwriter of the week.

Awards assembly:

Jacob – for fantastic maths when comparing numbers using <, >, =.

Theo – for his amazing handwriting.

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