St. Faustina week beginning 27.9.21

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The children have all worked very hard this week. In English they have been continuing to learn the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. They are getting very good at reciting the first part off by heart and some have been trying to write the sentences to match. They have also created a ‘Wanted’ poster for the troll, thought of ways to help make him a nicer person and written a post-card from the baby goat to his mum describing his visit to the new meadow.

In Maths they have been trying to find one less and one more than given numbers and to count accurately using one-to-one correspondence. They have also been comparing objects by using the language greater than, less than and equal to. The children have enjoyed working both practically and recording more formally in their maths books.

On Wednesday it was back into the school grounds for Forest School…now that the brambles on the site have been cut back, the children had lots of new space and they took full advantage. They went on a mini-beast hunt and their attention was soon by a ladybird and a spider. They were so excited and ready to explore. Some wanted to continue looking for creepy-crawlies, some wanted to role play with the forest-friends teddies, some children wanted to do leaf crowns and some, who were interested in a bit of gardening , finished planting the bulbs. A bit of running around, lots of conversations and a lot of laughter ensured a fantastic afternoon was had by all!

In Science the children tested various objects/materials to see if they were bendy, transparent and/or waterproof. They first made their predictions and then carried out the tests. Their results were recorded in a table.

On Friday the children celebrated Go Green with CAFOD by wearing something green and then participating in a special assembly about taking care of our planet, followed by some activities in the afternoon.

big well done to our certificate winners this week…

Star of the week: Dakota

Handwriting of the week: Penny

Spelling of the week: Haya

Virtues and Values: Maya and Emma

Please keep up the amazing work!

One final thing to mention, please could parents ensure all clothing is named. We have had a number of incidents with lost jackets and it makes them very hard to track down if the items have no name inside.

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