Year 2 St Thomas class – Week beginning 20th September

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The children have had another great week, they have worked really hard again. They have had great fun creating galaxy pictures using pastels. They are all on the classroom window for you to see, so please come and have a look if you can.

They have investigated different materials to see how they can be changed and enjoyed bending, twisting and folding the different objects.

In English they have learnt about adjectives and nouns and created similes for description.

We have still been learning about place value in Maths and the children were partitioning numbers into ‘tens and ones’ and also finding the total amount.

St Thomas Awards

Well done to Dominik for his spelling award and Amalia for her handwriting award this week.

Our Virtues and Values are Eloquent and truthful this half term and both Dominik and Oscar received an award for speaking nicely and sharing ideas.

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