Week 3 – St John Bosco

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This week in history, the children were looking at a timeline of Ancient Egypt and ordering events of when they occurred. and start to look at the differences from Ancient Egyptian times to the modern era.

In English, the children began to learn how to write an effective character description and made an excellent start with the character description of the Egyptian Cinderella that they have been learning in class.

In Guided Reading, they have been reading books and asked questions based on that book. They have all had a book to take home and read. If they have an old reading diary, can they bring it in please?

In RE, the children talked about making links between a story and what we believe. They answered some questions on the story of Abram and changing his name to Abraham, as well as creating a prayer from this story. It was lovely to see some of the prayers that they produced.

In Science, the children enjoyed investigating which material was the most reflective using torches. They had a great time shining torches onto the different materials to see which one was the most reflective.

Our awards this week went to Evelyn for being a role model pupil and always trying her best, and Bailey for settling in well to school. Malika received the handwriter of the week award, Erynn received the speller of the week award and Julia received the virtues and values award. Well done everyone!

Have a good week everyone.

Miss Allbutt

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