Week 3 in St Martin de Pores

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We’ve had another busy week in St Martin de Porres.

This week in history, the children were looking at pictures of artefacts from Ancient Egypt and were trying to work out what they were used for. They also enjoyed looking at the non-fiction books about Egypt to find out even more interesting information.

In English, the children began to learn how to write a character description and made a really good attempt at writing the character description of the Egyptian Cinderella that they have been learning in class.

In RE, the children talked about the Sacrament of Baptism and took part in a role play activity acting out what happens at a Baptism. They also sequenced pictures to show the order. It would be lovely to see any pictures of the children’s Baptism if you have any or even their Baptismal candle.

In Science, the children enjoyed investigating which material was the most reflective using torches. They had a great time shining torches onto the different materials to see which one worked the best.

Our awards this week went to Rose for settling in well to school, Oliver R for working hard at home, Nadia received the handwriter of the week award, Olivia received the speller of the week award and Austyn received the virtues and values award. Well done everyone!

Have a good week everyone.

Mrs Jones