St Faustina week bg: 27.9.21

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Another busy week in St Faustina Class…in Maths the children have been learning to find one more than a given number by remembering the key sentence ‘one more is the number after’. They have been trying hard to record their work neatly in their maths books. They have also started to count backwards from 10 and have been able to describe what has happened to the number sequence ‘The numbers have got smaller’.

In our English lessons the children have continued to learn the story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’, they have done this with the aid of a story map which they have put actions to. They have also been discussing the troll and what he looks like by selecting appropriate adjectives to describe his appearance.

On Wednesday the children enjoyed another Forest School session. They noticed some autumnal changes in nature and listened to the story about a little acorn who has to wait and see what she becomes. We couldn’t find enough acorns, so we planted some bulbs instead. The children don’t know what the bulbs will turn into, so they have to be patient, like the little acorn, and wait until spring to see. It was also lovely to see the children having a good time playing with teddies and finding them homes in nature.

In Science the children have been learning about the properties of everyday materials. Some of the key words we have discussed are rough, smooth, soft, hard, bendy, stiff, waterproof, transparent and opaque. They had to choose the correct properties to match the given material. We then checked our answers by testing some of these materials.

Finally, well done to our certificate winners this week…

Star of the week: Julian

Spelling of the week: Nia

Handwriting of the week: Zara

Virtues and Values: Kasia and Wiktoria

Keep up the fabulous work!

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