St Bernadette Week 3

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Well the children have definitely settled in and it feels like they have been in year 2 forever. They are enthusiastic and are working really hard. Keep up the great work everybody!

In English, the children are completing activities based on our class text ‘Toys in Space’ by Mini Grey. They have been learning a character description about the main character, the Hoctopize. They have written their imitated version of the character description and we have done lots of work on understanding what adjectives and nouns are.

In maths, our unit of work is place value. The children have been counting forwards and backwards to and within 100, calculating 1, 2, 3 or 5 more or less than a given number, reading and writing numbers to 100 in numerals and words and understanding where to place numbers on a number line, with both given and missing increments.

In science, the children are learning all about materials. They are thinking about how to describe materials using their properties and today they have been learning which materials can be manipulated by bending, squashing, twisting and stretching.

The children have been learning all about Neil Armstrong in history and they answered questions about him by retrieving information.

Congratulations to our award winners this week:

Phoebe and Lincoln who received awards in our awards assembly on Monday. Well done you two for your positive and enthusiastic contributions to school.

Nicola and Jacob who received awards in our virtues and values assembly for demonstrating that they are eloquent and truthful.

Klaudia for being the handwriter of the week.

Theo for being the speller of the week.

Lincoln for being the star of the week.

Well done Jacob
Well done Nicola
Well done Klaudia
Well done Theo
Well done Lincoln
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