St Bernadette’s Last Day!

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It is hard to believe we are at the end of another academic year, and what a year it has been! With bubbles, online learning and lockdowns to contend with, the children have never failed to impress me with their enthusiasm for school life and their hard work.

We have learned together, laughed a lot and definitely sung a lot this year. My St Bernadette choir will be fondly remembered forever. It has been my absolute pleasure to teach each and every one of you and my only wish is that I could have taught all of you in school for the whole year. You have worked hard, formed wonderful friendships and have kept Miss Nurse and I entertained with your carefree, happy and comical personalities.

I cannot express in enough words how grateful I am to all of the parents who have sent gifts, cards, emails or spoken to me personally to say how much your child has enjoyed being in my class. It really does mean so much.

I know you will all continue to fly in year 3 and I look forward to popping up to KS2 in September to see you. Have a wonderful, restful summer.

Mrs Churchill and Miss Nurse

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