Week 4 in St Thomas Class

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This week we have been busy checking on the progress of our planted seeds in Science. We were excited to find a shoot growing in our pot that had been placed in the dark. Even though the shoot is 7cm tall. it doesn’t look very healthy. We think this is because it hasn’t been getting any sunlight. We were also surprised to find that the seed that has been watered and has been placed outside in the daylight hasn’t grown at all! We’re not sure why but are looking forward to finding out more next week. We have recorded all the results so far in a table.

In English we have been working extremely hard to write our invented setting descriptions. We created story maps to help with this. We made sure that our descriptions contained lots of adjectives and we even tried to add a simile. As always we tried hard to include the correct spellings and punctuation and to ensure our work was neatly presented.

In Maths we have been continuing to work on multiplication and division, and have become much better at seeing the relationship between the two operations.

In RE the year 1 children have continued with the unit ‘Following Jesus today’ by learning about the roles and responsibilities of the Priest and the year 2 children retold their favourite Old Testament story as part of the ‘Mass’ unit. They produced some lovely work.

Finally, well done to Oliver who shared his hopes and dreams for the future in our Virtues & Values assembly. We have every faith that you will successful in your career choice!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.