St Bernadette Week 4

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Our week began with a mass to celebrate the children in KS2 who have recently taken their First Holy Communion. They all looked lovely and it made the children in St Bernadette class excited about the prospect of taking theirs next year.

In English this week, the children planned and then wrote their invented character description. It was the final piece of assessed writing that they will do for me in year 2 so it was wonderful to read their work and see how far they have all progressed since September.

In maths, we finished the unit of work on fractions and completed the mental maths tests again. Some great scores were achieved by everyone. Next week we are going to have a look at telling the time. If you have the opportunity over the weekend, please show your child a clock and explain what the hands do. The children don’t learn to tell the time on a digital clock until they are older so please ensure they see an actual clock and explain where the hands would be for o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. And if your child really wants a challenge, show them 5 minute intervals too.

In RE, we began a new unit of work called ‘The Mass’. The children learned about what happens during Mass and they retold a favourite bible story from the Old Testament.

Unfortunately we couldn’t hold Sports Day on Tuesday but we are hoping that the weather will be kinder to us next week. Please send your child to school in their house colours on Tuesday 6th July. The colours are green for St Patrick’s, yellow for St David’s, red for St George’s and blue for St Andrews’.

Congratulations to Alicja who received an award in our virtues and values assembly for being faith-filled and hopeful. No matter what she is doing Alicja always believes in herself and gives 100% effort.

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