St Bernadette Week 2

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It has been another busy week in St Bernadette class and the children have tried really hard to concentrate considering how hot it has been.

In English, the children wrote back to the character from our story ‘The Wonder’ and they told him about all the things they wonder about. They also imitated the character description and learned about adverbs.

In maths, the children have recognised and found half, a quarter and a third of an object and an amount.

In science, we planned a fair test to see what plants need to grow and stay healthy. We began by planting bean seeds into 4 pots of the same size, with the same amount of soil in each. We have got a control plant that is being kept in a sunny spot and is being watered regularly, whilst the other plants are missing various factors. One is in the same sunny spot but being given no water, one is being watered but is in a dark cupboard and one plant is in a dark cupboard with no water. The children made predictions as to what they think will happen. They will monitor each plant’s progress over the coming weeks and write down their observations in a table. At the end of the experiment we will see if our predictions were correct and write a conclusion as to why we think some plants grew better than others.

Congratulations to Sam and Joanna for receiving virtues and values awards for being faith-filled and hopeful. Both Sam and Joanna give wonderful answers to questions and discussions during RE lessons and collective worship and I am always amazed by how much knowledge they have. Well done to both of you.

And finally, we must say a huge thank you to Shaun and Chloe from Shaun Paul Smith Dance Academy who delivered workshops to the whole school today (photos to follow). The children (and staff) absolutely loved it and some information has been sent home if you would like to make further enquiries about what the dance academy offers.

Have a lovely weekend.

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