St Thomas Class first week back

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Welcome back to our final half term before we break for Summer. The children all came back with big smiles and an enthusiastic attitude to their learning.

It has been a busy week but they have taken it in their stride and all have worked extremely hard. In English we have introduced a new book called The Wonder by Faye Hanson. They thoroughly enjoyed the story and have discussed it in lots of depth. We have looked at the new vocabulary and used dictionaries to find definitions and they also had a lesson where discussed things we wonder about ourselves. They had some brilliant suggestions…how many different types of dinosaur there were, how many undiscovered planets there might be, how many grains of sand there on a beach and what training you would need to become a blacksmith and many more!

In Maths, the children have been introduced to division by learning how to share into equal groups. They have done this practically using counters. They have also been dividing by grouping where they have made an amount into equal groups and counted how many groups can be made. They have found this quite tricky but have received lots of practical support. Today they did some outdoor learning where they used hoops and objects to practise the grouping on a larger scale. They will be continuing with this next week.

Our Science unit for this half term is Plants and this week the children have been looking at the structure of a plant in preparation for us to plant some seeds of our own.

A big well done to Charlie this week as he has received a certificate in our Virtues and Values assembly. Charlie was adamant that he was going to do well with his Phonics this week and he did. He should be very proud of what he has achieved.

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