St John Bosco Environmental Day

Published by JHicking on

What an interesting and fun day we had! We learnt to plant Wild Cherry and Silver Birch Trees….

We played team games and went on Scavenger Hunts…

We learnt to draw trees using shading as though the shine was shining on them….

We used nature to create 2D and 3D artwork….

We thought about being Stewards of our Earth and designed posters to tell the world about our ideas….

Thankyou to Mr Rose for helping us prepare for our tree planting…

Thank you to everyone who brought in plants to share with us.. Steeven for his potato, Keeley for the strawberry plant, and thankyou to Isobelle who has volunteered to take home and look after the tomato plants. I hope you are all looking after the beans and onions we planted…

Enjoy the rest of your Half term holiday!