Week 5 in St John Bosco

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What a busy half term we have had. We thought we would catch everyone up to where we are currently.

Firstly a really big well done to the children in this class who have settled into their new routines and teachers really well. We are focusing in on presentation and handwriting so that all the children’s work is really easy to read.

In science, we have been studying plants, dissecting them, learning names of different parts, planting vegetables that would have been grown in gardens during WWII, and investigating what happens when plants do not have all the right conditions to grow. We would love you to start growing vegetables at home and send us in your pictures of you planting and then hopefully eating your produce!

In History , we have been looking at WWII and the reasons behind the war. We are currently learning about the Blitz and the devastation this caused on people’s lives. There is an excellent Museum in Coventry( Transport Museum) which has a section on the Blitz and you can walk along a bombed street. When Museums are opening again, this comes highly recommended for those who are interested- it makes a great day out! We would like to see any research you do on this important time in British and World History.

We are going to be sending Reading books home with the children. Please encourage them to read and talk with you about things they have read, words they do not understand and how the book makes them feel. We ask that the books come back everyday as we try to include some reading time in every day’s timetable. We understand that some reading diaries may have gone astray during lockdown and as the children will soon be leaving us we will not be issuing new ones. If you do still have it , then we would like to see it everyday.

We are starting to prepare the children for their transition to their new school. I have been talking to them recently about needing to make sure they wear their school tie as all their new schools will require them to wear a tie. Please encourage your child to wear their tie to school. Just a reminder too that PE kit should be blue with a white t-shirt.

We are looking forward to updating you with what is happening next week in St John Bosco.

Mrs Hicking. Mrs Peachey and Miss Casey

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