St Bernadette Week 4

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In English this week, the children have been writing their innovated story. We have continued to focus on correct punctuation, pre-cursive letter formation and spelling key words correctly. They have also explored the use of ellipsis and the impact it has on the reader and they wrote a diary entry in the role of Humpty Dumpty.

In maths, the children began to learn about division. They used resources to practically make equal groups, using the sharing and grouping methods, and they answered questions in their books using these methods. The children also completed the year 1 and 2 mental maths tests again. I was delighted with their scores and they all scored higher than they had done previously. Well done St Bernadette mathematicians!

In science, we went outside to explore microhabitats within our school grounds. The children found lots of minibeasts and recorded their findings on a tally chart. They also explained why the habitat was suitable. Ask your child which minibeast we found the most of.

In computing, the children have continued to learn all about the computers. The children are now very good at logging on using their own username and password and they are becoming more familiar with the layout of a keyboard. They had great fun exploring how to use the camera on their laptops and they will be taking photos and editing them as part of our digital art over the next few weeks.

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