St Bernadette week 3

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Considering the children have only been in for four days this week, they have been very busy!

In English, the children have been further exploring the text After the Fall and looking at how the author uses long and short sentences to make an impact on the reader. They have also thought about why we use commas in our writing and where commas should go. This was quite tricky so we practised together and will look at this again in another lesson. The children have also innovated the After the Fall story and changed the character, the setting and parts of the story. Their new version is so creative, see if they can tell you all about it. I have uploaded an image of the story map below.

In maths, the children continued to learn all about multiplication. They multiplied by 5, 10 and solved word problems using their multiplication knowledge. Next week we are moving on to division.

The children learned all about different habitats in science and why they are suitable. They learned about coastal habitats, woodland habitats, ponds and urban habitats. I was very impressed with their knowledge and the discussions that we had as a class.

Have a lovely weekend.

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