St Bernadette Week 2

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This week the children have been very busy in English learning all about adjectives and similes. Ask your child to tell you a simile to describe Humpty Dumpty. They have used their knowledge of adjectives and similes to write a character description and they wrote their imitated version of the ‘After the Fall’ story.

In maths, the children have continued to learn about multiplication. They have learned that multiplication is the same as repeated addition, they have represented multiplication using arrays and they have multiplied by 2 and 3.

In science this week, the children have thought about things that are living, dead and never been alive and how we know that something is a living thing. In PE, they have continued practising their running, jumping and throwing skills during their athletics sessions.

The children learned about the Paschal candle in RE. They drew their own Paschal candle and explained what each part of the candle represents.

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