This week in St Thomas Class…

Published by KPinchbeck on

It has been a very busy week and as always the children have worked incredibly hard.

In Maths we have been subtracting 1 and 2-digit numbers from other 2-digit numbers, using resources on a place value grid to help us. We started by subtracting ones and then progressed to subtracting multiples of 10. We then recorded our work as mathematical equations.

In English we have continued to focus on the book ‘Wanted: The Perfect Pet’ and completed a number of written activities based around this. These have included writing thought bubbles for the main character, a detailed description of the duck’s house and a set of instructions on how to be the perfect pet.

The children have also done some absolutely fantastic artwork this week where they have (step-by-step) sketched their own picture of St Joseph from a given image. They used pencil crayons to shade in the detail. Their focus and attention to their work was outstanding.

Thank you to all the Bug Club readers this week, keep up the fantastic effort. But please do remember, any reading you do at home is equally as worthwhile.

Finally, thank you to all those who attended the parent consultations. We’re sure you are as proud of your children as we are.

Wishing you all a lovely, relaxing weekend.