St Bernadette Week 5

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We started our week with a pupil of the term assembly. Congratulations to Oskar for his excellent effort in every lesson this term.

In English, the children have been conducting research about an animal of their choice. They used the laptops or Ipads to search for information and created a plan for their final piece. They then wrote their final piece and I am looking forward to marking them and creating a display of their fantastic work.

In maths, we recapped subtraction using the round and adjust method, solved two step problems involving money and made the same amount of money in different ways.

In RE, the children heard the story of the Last Supper. They answered questions about the events of the last supper and thought about how that final meal must have felt for Jesus and his disciples.

In PE, the children have been busy learning how to play hockey and practising their multi skills. And finally in Geography today, the children looked at a map of the school grounds and identified which parts of the grounds were a human or physical feature.

Well done to the children who received certificates in our virtues and values assembly for displaying the values ‘attentive and discerning’.

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